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38 Gifts: To Female Photographers (Men are not allowed)

This article comes from Hummingbird Network

I am JingshuZhu Jingshu, the photographer of Jiying AX. The festival is approaching, so I wrote this not-so-serious article as a festive gift.

Nowadays, the group of female landscape photographers is getting bigger and bigger. We use our lenses to record the amazing and beautiful vast scenery, but we have very few photos of ourselves. The main reason is that in harsh outdoor conditions, regardless of the clothes and makeup, they do not meet the standards of being photographed, so they have no intention of shooting.

How to take some beautiful photos with limited conditions on the way of shooting, here are some of my own experiences. But this is not an article about portrait photography, nor does it have any technology about portrait photography. This article just shares how to make use of strengths and circumvent weaknesses to leave beautiful images when shooting outdoors and traveling.

Aesthetics are diverse. I personally don’t like traditional photos of smiling at the camera, nor do I like people occupying too much area in the picture, so most of my photos are composed of small people and big scenes, and quite a few of them don’t show their faces. If you accept and like the style, then take the time to read on.

As a photographer, shooting techniques such as framing, lighting, and composition is no longer a problem. The difficulty is in outdoor clothing preparation, photogenic makeup and how to pose. This article will share these three aspects.


The portability, color and style of clothing are factors to be considered comprehensively. It is unrealistic to bring evening dresses and long tail skirts whether in outdoor creation or on the road. The camera bag is already very heavy. Big bags of clothing, this kind of burden will make you no longer in the mood to shoot, and I really don’t have the courage to wear a flowing gauze skirt in the ice and snow, so the reality of the clothing is the primary consideration.

If the shooting is in a relatively difficult and cold environment or needs to hike, it is not suitable to carry extra clothing and props, then I will choose a brighter coat, which is easier to jump out in nature. Yellow, red and bright blue are recommended. .

When conditions permit and I don’t need to travel long distances, I also try to find ways to diversify my clothing, but the premise is that the clothing is small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry. Although there is no way to stuff the trailing dress into the backpack, you can still think of some alternatives.

Buy a lightweight cape, no matter how bulky you are wearing it, the cape will instantly lift your figure, especially in the cold outdoor environment. Note that the material must be thin and light. Don’t buy woolen or the like. Although it is very warm, it is bulky and heavy, so it is not suitable for carrying around.

Prepare some long yarn and put it on your body when shooting in a dark light environment. You can’t see what clothes or shoes you wear inside. For example, in the photo below, you are wearing outdoor hiking boots. I believe no one has discovered it. The advantage of yarn is that it is the same size and weight as a piece of underwear when it is rolled up. It can be stuffed into the gap of the camera bag, and it is not a burden to carry on the body at all.

Bring a light skirt to match the environment and subject to be photographed. As shown in the picture below, I went to shoot sunflowers in summer, and temporarily changed into a skirt in the flower field. Because it is a half skirt, I can only shoot the half body. I also wear outdoor pants and hiking shoes. Please make up the picture by yourself, no laughing!

If it is a short-distance shooting around the city, and there is no need to walk, I will also bring a long skirt to change on the spot, and take a few photos of myself before starting work.

Shooting red leaves in autumn is the most comfortable, and there is no need to walk directly to the shooting point by driving. As long as the clothes are not too cumbersome and cumbersome, you can take into account both the shooting and being photographed, so you don’t need to change clothes, just wear a skirt, and only bring a pair of high heels to change when taking pictures.

None of the above, that doesn’t bother me. A few years ago, going to Iceland was a trip that meant walking away. I conceived of a picture of walking in a red dress on the vast snow-capped mountains, but what if I didn’t have time to buy clothes? On a whim, I went to the cloth store and bought a big red cloth, which was draped over my body and fluttered in the wind. Very proud that no one saw flaws.


Shooting makeup outside is also a big problem. The saying that no makeup is natural beauty does not apply to photography. If you can be in the mirror without makeup, then the stars and models are better-looking than us, why do you need makeup when you are in the mirror?

Anyone who has studied makeup knows that full makeup that can be photographed is different from daily makeup. Even if you are familiar with it, it will take more than an hour. Getting up early and getting up early every day is already a serious lack of sleep, and no one wants to get up more than an hour earlier to put on makeup. The easiest remedy, of course, is to shoot the back, so I’m also honored to mention the “Queen of the Shadows” reputation.

It’s not a long-term solution to not show your face. Fortunately, what we shoot is not portrait photography, not big head portraits. Putting people in the scene is a common shooting method when going out to create. The focus is on the beauty and magnificence of nature, and the characters can add highlights to the picture. This kind of composition figure is only a small element in the picture, and it is impossible to see the face at all, so if you don’t, you can get away with it.

The above method is suitable for nature, but sometimes the travel photography in the city does not have such a vast scenery. Due to geographical restrictions, the proportion of people in the picture will increase. I don’t like to always take photos with sunglasses. At this time You can use some props to block, such as hats in sunny days and umbrellas in rainy days. This way of blocking also adds interest and mystery.

Pose (action)

For me, Pose is a real big deal. The back of the camera is the battlefield where I can sway freely. Whenever I stand in front of the camera, I feel at a loss and have nowhere to put my hands. Maybe most people have a similar embarrassing situation, and I really don’t have any omnipotent poses to share, so let’s talk about some of my own experiences.

Some people say that the posture of taking pictures should be comfortable and natural. My understanding of this is that the model should look natural in the picture, and the pose may not be comfortable. For example, you must be comfortable with your belly up and your waist down, but it must not look good in the picture, and it is very hard for you to keep your chest up and your belly concave, but it is elegant to be photogenic. How to put on a natural pose requires a certain amount of practice.

If standing in front of the camera is very nervous and cramped, try to do some dynamic actions, such as walking, running, turning in circles, turning back, etc., so that the photographer can shoot continuously and always capture some good moments.

For occasions that are not suitable for dynamic capture, find some supports and sit and lean against the stiff limbs.

When we are shooting outside, the camera must be inseparable, and we can also use this prop. Taking a work photo is the easiest Pose.

The expression can bow your head in contemplation, look into the distance, or even look blank, which looks more artistic than smiling at the camera. Expression management is really difficult, so most of the time I prefer to be the “Queen of the Shadows”.

It’s not easy to pose with all kinds of headaches, backaches and leg pains on the Internet. If you don’t do it properly, it will be very artificial and rigid. Why do models look good? Because the model has practiced hundreds of times in front of the mirror. If you have not received dance or physical training, it is best not to pose dance moves to the camera, not much to say, you know!

Finally, this passage to the sisters:

May you have poetry and distance, as well as a little happiness in your cowardice.

May you have an independent career and a simple and casual life.

May you be charming and wise, gentle and brave.

Happy holiday!

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