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American NI Instruments (NI) signed cooperation agreements with a number of companies at the China International Import Expo

Shanghai, China, November 6, 2021—On the second day of the CIIE, NI Instruments (NI) was invited to participate in the 2021 Aviation Manufacturing Equipment “Introduction and Cooperation” Exchange Conference and Aviation Manufacturing Equipment Co., Ltd. organized by AVIC International Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd. Industrial equipment supplier conference, and signed a cooperation agreement with it at the meeting. The open software platform and high-performance and flexible hardware modules of NI Instruments will help the AVIC supply chain to quickly build various prototypes under “software definition”, effectively verify the validity of the model, reduce the cost of trial and error, and greatly improve the product. The efficiency of comprehensive testing in the finalization design process promotes engineering acceleration from prototype prototype to engineering prototype, and then to finalized mass production, and ultimately promotes the realization of engineering goals.

At the same time, NI Instruments (NI) and the International Acoustic Industry Technology Research Institute reached a strategic cooperation. The two parties will integrate their respective advantages and apply new-generation technological means such as automated test and measurement technology and digital transformation based on big data to various links such as acoustic basic scientific research, acoustic product testing and manufacturing, and services, and jointly explore technological innovation and industrial synergistic development models. Together, we are committed to building a national first-class, globally influential and competitive acoustic industry technology highland and industrial cluster.

The CIIE is an important platform to promote global cooperation. NI Instruments (NI) attaches great importance to this opportunity, continuously expands the ecosystem of Chinese partners, and helps industry collaborative innovation with reliable scientific and technological strength.