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Apple is afraid of being beaten by Chinese mobile phones, iPhone pricing will hit a record low

According to media reports, Apple will release two iPhones in the first quarter, namely the original rumored iPhone SE2, but the name will be changed to iPhone9, namely iPhone9 and iPhone9 plus. US dollars (about 3458 yuan), such a price is undoubtedly competing with Chinese mobile phones for the 3000 yuan price segment.

The iPhone is synonymous with high-end mobile phones. In the past, Apple’s price has always been high. After Cook became CEO, the price of the iPhone continued to climb. The cheapest iPhone XR released in 2018 was priced as high as 6499 yuan. Compared with the iPhone of the year The price has increased by more than 50% from 4,000 yuan, and the rising price has caused consumers to become increasingly dissatisfied with Apple.

In the process of Apple’s continuous increase in the price of the iPhone, its innovation has been declining, and even surpassed by Android phones in some aspects. In particular, Chinese mobile phone companies have been catching up with Apple in terms of innovation. Chinese mobile phone companies are ahead of Apple in terms of screen, camera and other technologies, especially Huawei’s impact on Apple in the high-end mobile phone market.

Huawei’s market share in the high-end mobile phone market has now exceeded 10%, while Apple’s market share in the high-end mobile phone market has fallen below 60%. Under the impact of Chinese mobile phones, iPhone shipments have been declining in the past three years, from 231 million in 2015 to 208.8 million in 2018, and shipments are expected to drop in 2019. Wear 200 million.

The decline in iPhone sales has made Apple panic and dare not be arrogant to consumers. In 2019, it released three new iPhones. Among them, the cheapest iPhone11 is priced at only 5,499 yuan, which is more than 1,000 yuan cheaper than the previous generation iPhone XR. The drop in price really attracted consumers to return, and the iPhone 11 continued to sell well after its launch. , Huawei’s share in the high-end mobile phone market has also declined.

Perhaps affected by the iPhone 11’s price reduction and sales growth, Apple seems to be determined to lower the iPhone’s price this time, and the upcoming iPhone 9 will be priced as low as 3,000 yuan. It is reported that both iPhones use LCD screens, one is 4.7 inches and the other is 6.1 inches. In order to avoid affecting the sales of the standard iPhone SE, the screen size of the previous generation is only 4 inches. Elevating to the same level as the iPhone 11 undoubtedly underscores its panic about declining iPhone sales.

Apple’s iPhone pricing has broken a new record and has entered the 3,000-yuan price segment dominated by Chinese mobile phone companies. This is unfavorable for Chinese mobile phone companies. In the face of Apple’s impact, perhaps Chinese mobile phone companies’ pricing will also have to be Lower, after all, market share is extremely important to every mobile phone company.