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AUTELAN explains wireless bridge in detail

A wireless bridge, as the name suggests, is a bridge between two or more networks.communicationThe bridge (wireless bridge is also a branch of wireless AP). Wireless bridges abandon traditional copper wires and optical fibers, and use wireless communication technology to transmit network data using air as a medium to achieve the purpose of connecting different network segments. Wireless bridges operate in the 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz unlicensed ISM bands, making them easier to deploy than other wired networking equipment. Wireless bridges play a key role in the construction of wireless networks. Wireless bridges are commonly used in practice in three modes: point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and relay.

The wireless bridge independently developed by AUTELAN works in the 4.9GHz-5.9GHz frequency band and can provide point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions. The new series of products follow the IEEE802.11n standard, provide up to 240Mbps net bandwidth, and can transmit all services based on the IP protocol, and are used in various scenarios such as line-of-sight, quasi-non-line-of-sight, and non-line-of-sight. All devices support PoE power supply, and the outdoor waterproof and dustproof grade reaches IP67, which fully meets the application in various outdoor harsh conditions. AUTELAN bridge products have two major advantages, namely:

Rich product line, full range of solutions

The AB3000 series can provide high-bandwidth point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions under line-of-sight conditions, and can provide enhanced security features and large-capacity carrier-grade outdoor links to provide the best quality of service for data, voice and video services; the product provides Net bandwidth range: 14Mbps~72Mbps; MIR (maximum achievable rate)/CIR (committed minimum rate) can be individually configured for each direction of each subscriber unit, and powerful management software simplifies operation and management processes; AB5000 series can provide a width of 5 to 40MHz channel bandwidth, the highest net throughput can reach 240Mbps. The device follows the IEEE802.11n standard to meet the needs of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communication links. Through multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) and adaptive multi-point access protocols, the control range and link reliability are obtained. Great improvement. Advanced QoS provides reliable and robust solutions for simultaneous transmission of data, video and voice services.

Excellent performance, perfect operation under non-line-of-sight

AB5000-MWNT/CWNT series is a non-line-of-sight solution launched by AUTELAN. It introduces 802.16~2005 technology into the 5GHz frequency band, adopts advanced OFDM technology, and is specially designed for multiple industry application modes. It has excellent performance. As a highly integrated outdoor base station, this solution fully considers user needs, is simple and convenient to install and debug, reduces the total investment cost, and is suitable for various application scenarios such as oil exploration, mining, forest monitoring, construction site monitoring, and operator base station backhaul. .


AUTELAN, as the world’s leading provider of carrier-grade wireless broadband (WLAN) and integrated network solutions, always takes “providing customers with a perfect wireless access experience” as the driving force for the company’s development, and through continuous product development Innovation, strict quality management, and perfect after-sales service provide customers with the highest quality carrier-grade network solutions.