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Build three lines of defense!iFLYTEK launches big data epidemic prevention and control solutions

With the approaching peak of the return journey after the Spring Festival, it is imperative to prevent and control the epidemic. The 100-person team of iFLYTEK public security big data has urgently carried out the research and development of the whole-process integrated intelligent epidemic prevention and control solution since New Year’s Eve, “Data Aggregation Governance – Early Warning Analysis and Judgment – Intelligent Outbound Call Prevention and Control – Personnel Health File – Epidemic Prevention and Control Situation” Work to achieve a clear personnel base, clear health status, and visibility of the epidemic situation.

Through one platform, one network, and one outbound call, the plan constitutes three lines of defense for epidemic prevention and control. It can effectively analyze and analyze potential carriers of the virus, screen for individuals with fever, and provide timely warning through intelligent voice outbound calls.

The first line of defense: the epidemic prevention and control platform updates and judges epidemic data in real time

With the strong support of the local government and the epidemic prevention and control command department, the iFLYTEK public security big data team used artificial intelligence and analysis and modeling technology based on massive data to establish a new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic prevention and control platform.

On this platform, the data of potential carriers of the virus from or passing through Wuhan and the close contacts of confirmed patients can be fed back in real time through big data research and analysis in the early stage. Relying on the epidemic prevention and control platform, it has opened up various data and realized data visualization, including effective information such as the personnel dispatched by the working group, the cumulative number of epidemic investigations on the day, the results of epidemic control and control, and the real-time map of epidemic distribution, helping government leaders to efficiently complete command and decision-making.


The platform administrator summarizes and sorts out the reported events, and through big data analysis and judgment, can quickly determine the situation of the personnel related to the epidemic, and promptly dispatch the local community police to visit the door to quickly realize a closed loop of disposal. For the potential personnel identified by the epidemic, the staff will establish independent files for them, continue to track and manage them, and timely curb the spread of the epidemic.

The second line of defense: Smart communities build a three-dimensional defense line for residents against the epidemic

iFLYTEK takes intelligent management and grid-based joint prevention and control as the starting point, and uses intelligent community technical means for publicity and investigation to realize the intelligence and informationization of epidemic prevention and control at the grassroots level.

Under the big network of community grid management and prevention, iFLYTEK has formed a small network of community epidemic prevention and control through three measures. In addition to the staff holding infrared thermometers in the access control of the community, a human body temperature measurement gate is also set up. When the temperature of people entering and leaving is abnormal, sound and light warnings are issued in time to remind the staff to intercept and re-measure their temperature. Thermal cameras are also deployed in some key areas. Through infrared imaging technology, the temperature difference is converted into real-time video images and displayed, which can realize non-contact auxiliary temperature measurement. A variety of temperature measurement measures are available to help timely detection of fever patients.



In addition, vehicle micro-checkpoints are also installed at the entrances and exits of some key areas. When the license plate number is the vehicle entering or leaving the area where the epidemic occurred, it will give a timely warning and notify the management personnel to go to confirm the health status of the personnel.

Third Line of Defense: Screening and Education of Intelligent Voice Assistants

“Hello? Hello? Are you Mr. X? Considering that you have passed or been to Wuhan during this time, it will take you a minute to understand your physical condition. Do you have a fever now…”

iFLYTEK’s intelligent voice outbound call assistant is constantly conducting outbound calls for the prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic. Fever screening and follow-up for epidemic-related groups from other places, and publicity and protection knowledge education for all residents.

It is understood that during the application period from January 21 to February 4, the “Smart Voice Assistant” has served a total of 7.145 million person-times, 2.544 million phone calls and 460.1 text messages in Anhui for the prevention and control of the pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus infection. 10,000 people. Compared with traditional investigation methods, intelligent voice can improve the efficiency by more than 5 times, effectively reducing the follow-up burden of grass-roots workers. In the next step, outbound follow-up work will be carried out for returning personnel to ensure a smooth transition to work after the holiday.

For a long time, iFLYTEK, based on the rich practice, deep understanding and forward thinking of smart cities, smart government affairs, and smart justice, uses cutting-edge technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence on the basis of safety, autonomy and control to “deepen social governance, Guided by “Promoting Judicial Reform”, it provides industry-level comprehensive solutions for government affairs, public security, procuratorates, courts, justice, political and legal committees, etc. “, “the rule of law in China”, “clean China” construction.

What you do with your energy is invincible. iFLYTEK will continue to mobilize its own technological advantages to provide more big data and other artificial intelligence services for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic, provide more powerful technological ammunition for the national epidemic prevention and control war, and help win the epidemic prevention war !