LCD Display Inverter

Display Inverter / VGA Board / LCD Controller

The voltage can be accurately monitored using the battery voltage monitoring terminal (BS terminal)

“With these features, the battery voltage can be accurately monitored even during fast charging, and the current sense resistor can be reduced to reduce heating of the protection circuit board. At the same time, it realizes the function of overheating protection, which makes an outstanding contribution to strengthening the safety performance of the product. “

Xiaomi’s Q1 revenue and net profit hit a new high, and the high-end mobile phone market has stabilized?

Xiaomi finally won. On May 26, Xiaomi issued an announcement saying that the US government officially removed it from the “blacklist” and lifted all restrictions. On the same day, Xiaomi announced a new round of financial reports for the first quarter of 2021. Judging from the fundamental data of the financial report, Xiaomi’s revenue and

NIO lidar supplier Innovusion raises $64 million

On May 11, Innovusion, a NIO lidar supplier, raised US$64 million. This Series B financing includes new investments from Temasek and Joy Capital, and old shareholder NIO Capital also participated. In November 2016, Innovusion CEO Bao Junwei and his partners co-founded Innovusion, which focuses on lidar. In 2018, Innovusion received $30 million in Series A

Distributing goods, delivering food… The unmanned driving in the fight against the epidemic is on fire, and logistics will become a breakthrough in the industry

According to Wang Haixuan, a reporter from Economic, Meituan’s unmanned delivery vehicles have been put into use in Beijing’s Shunyi and Haidian districts recently. This small yellow car with a small body has attracted the attention of many people. During the epidemic, unmanned vehicles like this, which can reduce direct contact between people, are

Small Software-Defined Radio Platform Development Using New Virtex FPGAs: SFF SDR

The SFF SDR (Small Form Factor Software Defined Radio) development platform is a modular RF/IF/baseband platform (Figures 1 and 2). The platform showcases the latest silicon offerings from Xilinx and Texas Instruments (TI) as well as the latest advanced design flows and software architectures.The platform also provides specific key features for handheld device developers, such

Health / sterilization products are selling well, can it become a new Internet celebrity home appliance?

In this different 2020 Spring Festival, because of the new coronavirus, masks and alcohol have become necessities in everyone’s life. After many years, I will think of 2020. Health will definitely become the main theme of this year. Maybe people’s awareness of health will be because of this The new coronavirus has increased a lot.

The three major chip makers cut off supply to Huawei, and the global market is affected

Samsung, SK Hynix to cut supply to Huawei On September 8, it was reported that Samsung and SK Hynix would stop selling components to Huawei as the Trump administration tightened sanctions on Huawei. According to reports from Chosun Ilbo and other South Korean news outlets, the two South Korean companies will terminate their deals with

Western Digital officially provides samples of new 20TB SMR and 18TB CMR hard drives

News Highlights: The 20TB UltrastarTM DC HC650 SMR HDD and 18TB Ultrastar DC HC550 CMR HDD are now sampling to more than a dozen enterprise OEMs and hyperscale cloud users around the world, including Dropbox. ·The new Ultrastar HDD adopts Western Digital’s first large-scale commercial energy-assisted magnetic recording technology, providing unparalleled areal density and storage

Xiaopeng Motors announces charging cooperation with NIO Power

On December 11, Xiaopeng Motors officially announced that it has signed a contract with NIO Power. The two parties will cooperate in the interconnection and interoperability of charging business to provide car owners with a convenient travel charging experience. According to the cooperation agreement, Xiaopeng Motors will gradually realize the interconnection of charging pile distribution