LCD Display Inverter

Display Inverter / VGA Board / LCD Controller

Smartway has been invested in the second phase of the Big Fund and Xiaomi Industry Fund

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Winning the Innovation Sandbox Champion again, what did Israel, the source of security innovation, do right?

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Design of ZigBee Industrial Ethernet Gateway Based on AT91SAM9260

“Industrial wireless communication technology is another industry research hotspot in the field of industrial automation after industrial Ethernet and industrial fieldbus technology. At present, the application of multi-standard and multi-protocol coexistence is increasing, and the gateway that acts as a protocol conversion bridge plays a key role. The two most popular local wireless technologies are

24-Bit Sigma-Delta ADC Simplifies ECG/EKG Analog Front-End Design

Summary: This paper introduces the basic working principle of electrocardiogram (ECG), discusses the factors that interfere with the ECG signal, and the difficulties in improving reliability and realizing high-precision electrical characteristics. The industry-standard ECG architecture is a solution using a combination of an analog front end and an ADC. The MAX11040K simultaneous-sampling sigma-delta ADC offers

The parent company of Xiaomi’s sweeping robot successfully IPO, with a team of 490 people creating a market value of 33 billion

But for this Xiaomi ecological chain company, which started with sweeping robots, this is not the whole point. Lei Jun personally sent a letter to congratulate the IPO, saying that this is the first stock listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of Xiaomi Ecological Chain. And only 6 years after its establishment, the

“Shanghai Data Regulations” will be implemented on January 1 this year to promote the development and utilization of data circulation

From January 1, the “Shanghai Data Regulations” (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”) came into effect. As the first data regulation formulated by the provincial people’s congress in China, it incorporates data into the track of the rule of law, resonates at the same frequency as Shanghai’s urban digital transformation, and continuously enhances the city’s

Huawei’s revenue growth is rapidly shrinking, and may stop growing in the fourth quarter

The results announced by Huawei show that the revenue in the first three quarters of this year increased by 9.9% year-on-year, and the net profit margin was 8.0%. It still achieved performance growth despite many factors, proving that this company has a strong toughness. From the results announced by Huawei, we can see that in

Rutronik offers advanced LTE data cards from Telit for high-speed data transfer

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Graph Neural Networks Tutorial for Computer Vision and Beyond (Part 1)

“Overview In this article I will answer questions commonly asked by users who are not familiar with AI/ML/CV with graphs or graph neural networks. I provide a Pytorch example to clarify the thinking behind this relatively new and exciting model. “ Overview In this article I will answer questions commonly asked by users who are