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Forrester: Evaluation of Security Analysis Platform Vendors in 2020

Before Gartner’s 2020 SIEM Magic Quadrant comes out, let’s take a look at Forrester’s latest Security Analytics Platform vendor evaluation report (Forrester Wave), published on December 1, 2020. Forrester’s SAP market segment roughly corresponds to the Gartner universe’s SIEM market segment. The last time Forrester released the SAP vendor evaluation report was in 2018. After

A company that grew up backed by Apple, Lens Technology fought a beautiful turnaround

February 29th, in the past 2019, many rich people have encountered “Waterloo”, but some people left the scene sadly, and some returned the king, and Zhou Qunfei of Lens Technology was the latter. The Hurun Research Institute released the “2020 Hurun Global Rich List”, which attracted attention from the outside world. A total of 14

Samsung’s second AR glasses patent exposure: display lens with integrated multi-directional micromirror

At the end of last month, the US Patent and Trademark Office released Samsung’s second patent information on smart glasses called “Optical Devices.” According to Samsung’s patent map, Figure 33 shows an AR glasses, which includes 2 pieces of “augmented reality providing equipment” (#10a and #10b), support frame #20, and glasses legs #30a and #30b.

Operational amplifier circuit: non-inverting amplification or inverting amplification?

“The operational amplifier in the Electronic circuit has a non-inverting input terminal and an inverting input terminal. The polarity of the input terminal and the output terminal are the same polarity is a non-inverting amplifier, and the polarity of the input terminal and the opposite polarity of the output terminal are called inverting Amplifier. “

2019 Q2 smartphone and tablet GPU market share: Arm retains lead, Apple gains share

The latest research report “2019 Q2 Smartphone and Tablet GPU Market Share: Apple Gains GPU Share” from Strategy Analytics’ mobile component technology service pointed out that global smartphone and tablet GPU shipments in Q2 2019 fell by 9% year-on-year. The Strategy Analytics research report estimates that Arm, Qualcomm, Apple, Imagination Technologies and Intel accounted for

The GPU performance of the M1 Max chip may be higher than that of the PlayStation 5

Apple is widely publicizing the performance of its new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips. On paper, the GPU performance of the highest-end M1 Max chip is actually higher than that of Sony’s PlayStation 5. The M1 Max chip can be configured to include up to 32-core GPU, which is a huge leap from the

A new generation of cyber security framework for “new infrastructure”

New infrastructure.jpg” alt=”New infrastructure.jpg”/> 1. Digitization has changed from optional to mandatory Starting in 2020, a sudden new type of coronavirus has virtually accelerated the global embrace of digitalization. From epidemic prevention and control to remote office work, human society has felt the efficiency improvement brought about by digital transformation on a large scale for

How can you avoid interrupted data flow when synchronizing critical distributed systems?

“This article introduces the traditional method of synchronization between a SAR ADC-based system and a sigma-delta (∑-∆) ADC-based distributed data acquisition system, and explores the difference between the two architectures. We will also discuss the typical inconveniences encountered when synchronizing multiple ∑-∆ADCs. Finally, an innovative synchronization method based on the AD7770 sampling rate converter (SRC)

OPPO new action in the field of travel!Launched full-link smart mobility solution

Ten million RMB Pre-A round of financing The domestic autonomous driving company Leading Technology announced that it has completed a pre-A round of financing of tens of millions of yuan in September this year. This round of financing is invested by Horizon Strategic, with the participation of Zhenxin Capital, economist Deng Haiqing and the core