LCD Display Inverter

Display Inverter / VGA Board / LCD Controller

ADI’s RF front-end series supports the realization of compact 5G massive MIMO network radios

“In the later deployment of 4G LTE cellular base stations, large-scale multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) radio technology is widely used, especially in dense urban areas, small cells effectively fill the gap in cellular coverage while improving data services speed. The success of this architecture clearly confirms its value. Because this architecture itself has the required spectrum

The future of SiC IGBT-PET?

SiC SBD and MOS are currently the most common SiC-based devices, and SiC MOS is competing for share with IGBTs in some areas. We all know that IGBT combines the advantages of MOS and BJT, and the third-generation wide-bandgap semiconductor SiC material has better characteristics than traditional Si. So why is SiC MOS the most

Intel will sell its storage business and sell it to SK Hynix for tens of billions of dollars?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Intel Corporation and South Korea’s SK Hynix will reach an agreement on the sale of the memory chip unit. The report pointed out that SK Hynix will receive Intel’s storage business at a price of approximately US$10 billion. This move will reposition the semiconductor giant to get rid of

High-performance DC integrated motor driver suitable for office automation equipment and robots

“Electric toys, POS printers, video security cameras, office automation equipment, game consoles, robots, these seemingly unrelated modern Electronic products all have a common center of motion: motors and motor drive circuits. The SGM42600 and SGM42609 launched by Shengbang Microelectronics are high-performance DC integrated motor drivers suitable for such applications. “ A DC motor usually consists

Xilinx Alveo accelerator cards power SK Telecom’s real-time physical intrusion and theft detection services

November 5, 2019 Xilinx Corporation, a global leader in adaptive and intelligent computing, and SK Telecom today announced that SK Telecom uses Xilinx Alveo data center accelerator cards to enable artificial intelligence (AI)-based real-time physical intrusion and theft Detection service. SK Telecom’s AI Inference Accelerator (AIX) implemented on Xilinx Alveo cards uses deep neural networks

Design of road lighting system based on MC13213 wireless module and ZigBee technology

“The wireless communication module adopts ZigBee technology, IEEE802.15.4 protocol, and the communication coverage radius can reach 150m. It can communicate with any street lamp node in its coverage area by self-organizing network and communication. In addition to realizing the object-to-object connection of the street lamp, it also has adjustment The power output of the Electronic

How to choose the right thermistor for a temperature sensor

“When faced with thousands of thermistor types, the selection may cause considerable difficulties. In this technical article, I will introduce you to some important parameters to keep in mind when choosing a thermistor, especially when the two commonly used thermistor types for temperature sensing (negative temperature coefficient NTC thermistor) Resistance or silicon-based linear thermistor). “

Why is GaN important to 5G infrastructure?

“While the world is very excited about the technological advancement of 5G, designers are now busy working on how to provide power supply for base stations. The core of 5G’s future success is whether it can achieve the three desired goals: huge data throughput, ultra-low latency, and large-scale connections (see Figure 1). 4G base stations

Distributed architecture realizes high reliability to drive the next-generation electric vehicle drive system

“Electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) are constantly evolving, and the Electronic devices in them are also changing. In terms of the overall structure and functions of these vehicles, more and more electronic devices are playing an important role. However, the driver has not changed. They still hope that their electric vehicles and