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Chinese Academy of Sciences develops low-dimensional semiconductor technology: nano-brush “draws” various chips

The Chinese Academy of Sciences announced today that domestic scholars have developed a simple method for fabricating low-dimensional semiconductor devices – using a “nano-brush” to outline future optoelectronic devices, which can “draw” various required chips. With the development of technology, people’s requirements for semiconductor technology are getting higher and higher, but the difficulty of semiconductor

Application of Keithley Electrometer/Picoammeter in Capacitor Leakage Measurement

“Capacitors are basic components in various Electronic devices, and are widely used in bypassing, coupling, filtering, and tuning electronic circuits. However, in order to use a capacitor, it is necessary to understand its characteristics: including capacitance value, rated voltage value, temperature coefficient, and leakage resistance. “ Capacitors are basic components in various electronic devices, and

MCU is also introverted – security, TSN are not a lot

“There is no doubt that today’s advanced MCUs are at the heart of various embedded systems in hundreds of application areas. While some MCUs already offer a seemingly endless combination of computing power, peripheral combinations, and memory options, they continue to evolve and improve their offerings in every aspect. “ Today’s MCUs To keep up

A privacy protection and authentication method for fingerprint biometrics

Summary: In recent years, more and more intelligent terminals and information systems have integrated biometric technology and are widely used in finance, security and other fields. Once the user’s biometric information is leaked, it will seriously threaten the vital interests of the user. Based on fuzzy extraction technology, error correction algorithm and secure hash algorithm,

The market value has dropped by nearly 50 billion!Ali moves the knife: formally investigate Jiang Fan

According to news from the investment community, on the morning of April 20, the share price of Alibaba-SW (09988.HK) fell nearly 2% in early trading to HK$203.6. As of the close of Hong Kong stocks last Friday, Alibaba’s share price was HK$207.6, and today’s opening price of Alibaba’s share price was HK$205.4. According to the

Tackling Mobile Connectivity Challenges with Rugged Multiband Antennas

“In addition to smartphones and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, another major driver of mobile wireless connectivity is transportation applications, including rail, truck, and asset tracking. These applications place a unique set of important requirements on system antennas, such as vibration, shock, extreme temperatures, rain, humidity, and the need to operate over a wide frequency

Xilinx Introduces Software-Defined, Hardware-Accelerated Alveo SmartNICs, Revolutionizing the Modern Data Center

Beijing, China, February 24, 2021 – Xilinx Corporation (NASDAQ: XLNX) today announced a series of new data center products and solutions, including the new Alveo SmartNIC series, smart world ( Smart World) AI video analytics application, an accelerated algorithmic trading reference design capable of sub-microsecond transactions, and the Xilinx App Store. Figure: Xilinx’s new Alveo

Lithium carbonate soared four times a year, lithium material prices soared, and battery factories shouted “no money to make”

“Upstream materials have risen too fiercely.” On the evening of January 6, an insider of Jiangsu Tafel New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. sighed to Times Finance, “This wave of price increases is mainly due to the mismatch between market supply and demand, and downstream demand. If it is too prosperous, the upstream supply is relatively

VideoRay underwater robot escorts the world’s busiest ports and waterways

Port security surveillance, mine countermeasures and underwater search and rescue are all very dangerous tasks that should no longer endanger lives and ship safety. Where continuous mission-critical underwater inspection or exploration is required, underwater vehicles (ROVs) are the safest and most efficient way to maintain safety, support salvage efforts and uncover the secrets of the