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Display Inverter / VGA Board / LCD Controller

Design of Servo Controller for Bionic Hydraulic Quadruped Robot

“In recent years, various types of military robots have played an important role in the field of national defense and geostrategy. In the vast western region of my country, due to the complex terrain and rugged roads, traditional wheeled or tracked robots cannot meet the requirements of terrain passability, while bionic quadruped robots can better

Cook: Pay close attention to the outbreak in South Korea and Italy, 80% of Apple retail stores in China have opened

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Structure and working principle of integrated DC/DC converter

“For smart card power supply, this paper proposes an integrated DC/DC converter structure and analyzes its working principle. The system can achieve 85% efficiency, is robust enough to meet all complex ISO7816-3 specifications, and has passed EMV and EMV Co program levels 1 and 2. This structure is particularly suitable for smart card applications such

Why do Mini-LEDs use vacuum welding?

“With the rapid development of the panel industry in recent years, after domestic manufacturers have expanded their production madly, the relationship between product supply and demand has been basically eased, and manufacturers have begun to focus on the improvement of product “quality”. The Display panel industry will develop towards the trend of high-resolution images, curved

On the construction of new infrastructure, JD Zhilian Cloud opened the prelude to the new industrial revolution

As early as 2017, Tata Consulting, a subsidiary of the Indian giant Tata Group, released a report. The core point is a famous saying: There are only two kinds of companies in the future, those with artificial intelligence and those that do not make money. If it weren’t for this epidemic, the wave of industrial

A rare stock market crash in the United States!The market value of five technology giants has evaporated by more than 400 billion US dollars overnight

U.S. stocks tumbled and plunged into a bear market on Thursday as markets continued to be gripped by coronavirus fears and economic uncertainty, with the five largest U.S. tech giants, Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Facebook and Microsoft, losing $4166 in market value overnight. $300 million. For the current performance of each share, its decline has hit

Ultra-low output noise and ultra-high PSRR, what about this negative LDO regulator?

“Low dropout (LDO) linear regulators have been widely used in noise-sensitive applications for decades. However, as the latest precision sensors, high-speed and high-resolution data converters (ADCs and DACs), and frequency synthesizers (PLL/VCOs) continue to challenge traditional LDO regulators to produce ultra-low output noise and ultra-high With high power supply ripple rejection (PSRR), noise requirements become

5G Leads New Wave in Semiconductor Market, NI Software-Defined Platform Enables Test

5G is considered to be the next outlet for the semiconductor industry. 5G enables the combination of the Internet of Things and communications, and promotes the rapid implementation of subdivided applications such as intelligent connected vehicles, industrial Internet of things, and smart homes. At the same time as these beautiful dreams come technical challenges, especially

CNNIC released the 46th “Statistical Report on Internet Development in China”

On September 29, the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the 46th “Statistical Report on the Development of China’s Internet Network” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”) in Beijing. The “Report” focuses on five aspects: Internet infrastructure, the scale and structure of netizens, Internet application development, Internet government affairs development, and Internet security. The