LCD Display Inverter

Display Inverter / VGA Board / LCD Controller

Design of motor drive device based on MSP430 single-chip microcomputer and micro-infusion instrument

“Stepping motor is a kind of control driving element that directly converts digital signal into angular displacement or linear displacement. It has the characteristics of fast start and stop. Its mechanical displacement and speed are respectively proportional to the number of input pulses and pulse frequency. Stepper motors are widely used in all aspects of

Diagnosis plan based on common rail pressure signal of gasoline direct injection system

“In the field of gasoline direct injection, electromagnetic injectors are widely used because of their low cost. Vitesco Technology Company has developed a diagnostic program based on the common rail pressure signal for this injector, and improved the fuel injection volume through this program, thus using it as a development tool. “ In the field

STEVAL-ISV006V2: 5W solar battery charger solution

ST’s STEVAL-ISV006V2 is a 5W solar battery charger using SPV1040. It is a high-efficiency DC/DC converter with embedded MPPT algorithm. The input voltage can be as low as 0.3V and the input is reversed polarity protection. The SPV1040 has an input voltage ranging from 0.3V to 5.5V, a 140mΩ synchronous rectifier and a 120mΩ power

In order to include the RISC-V architecture, Intel plans to spend US$2 billion to acquire SiFive

Tech giants have switched to RISC-V one after another, Intel: I think too. According to foreign media Reuters, Intel is planning to acquire SiFive, a California semiconductor start-up company, for US$2 billion. Founded in 2015, SiFive is the world’s first semiconductor company based on the RISC-V architecture. The latest valuation is around US$500 million. The

Wheeled robots can cope with new challenges and functions

“The development of online shopping has led to an increase in the number of logistics centers, so the number of wheeled robots that handle many heavy tasks in the logistics center has also increased. The next challenge for these wheeled robots is the last mile delivery to help reduce the congestion of the busy streets

ON Semiconductor’s advanced semiconductor solutions for consumer medical equipment in China

In recent years, the medical semiconductor market has become one of the fastest growing semiconductor market areas. According to the market research organization Databeans’s 2010 estimate of medical semiconductors, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2010 and 2015 will reach 9.4%. Among them, due to the trend of family health care and the increase

Lithography machine giant ASML announces Q2 results: net profit of 1 billion euros

IT Home, July 21 news, according to the Financial Association, Dutch lithography equipment manufacturer ASML (ASML) recently announced its second quarter 2021 financial report. The financial report shows that Asim’s net profit in the second quarter was 1 billion euros, and the market expected it to be 1.211 billion euros. Asmar expects net revenues of

Tencent and NOC reached a strategic cooperation to jointly host programming and artificial intelligence competitions

On December 20th, Tencent and the National Elementary and Secondary School Information Technology Innovation and Practice Competition Organizing Committee held a strategic contract at Tencent’s Beijing headquarters. Starting from 2022, they will jointly hold a national primary and secondary school programming and artificial intelligence competitions to jointly help young people’s artificial intelligence education. developing. Xie

Cockroach Labs announces the launch of a serverless version of the SQL database

October 19th-Cockroach Labs, the manufacturer of CockroachDB, today announced the public beta of its serverless version of the SQL database, which provides developers with an easier and low-cost way to access database resources. These resources can be scaled up and down without the need to clearly define them.    The company’s co-founder and CEO Spencer