LCD Display Inverter

Display Inverter / VGA Board / LCD Controller

Parameter definitions used in the IXYS power MOSFET datasheet

“This application note describes the parameter definitions used in the IXYS power MOSFET datasheet. This document describes basic ratings and characteristics such as temperature, energy, mechanical data, and current and voltage ratings. It also briefly describes the graphics included in the data sheet and some equivalent diagrams for power MOSFETs. “ This application note describes

UAV Detection Methods: RF & Radar

1. RF detection Passive RF detection is the basis for effective countermeasures against UAS. RF sensors provide detection capabilities by matching drone communication protocols to known drone RF signatures. Commercial and consumer-grade UAS use a variety of protocols, some of which are proprietary. RF-based detection systems that simply scan frequency bands commonly used by drones,

The construction of ubiquitous power Internet of things promotes the development of urban intelligence and further taps and utilizes the value of data

In order to implement the new energy security strategy of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s “Four Revolutions, One Cooperation” and conform to the development trend of the integration of the energy revolution and the digital revolution, at the beginning of this year, State Grid Corporation of China proposed the strategic goal of “three types, two networks,

Circuit Design of Personal Positioning Terminal System Using GPSOne

“At present, the personal positioning system integrating positioning, monitoring and alarm functions mostly adopts GPS/GSM (GPRS) technology. Although the Global Positioning System (GPS) can provide high-precision, global-coverage positioning, it is necessary to ensure that there is a direct path between the GPS receiver and the satellite, which makes the GPS positioning system in densely populated

Credo launches 3.2Tbps XSR single-channel 112Gbps high-speed connection Chiplet

May 19, 2021 Shanghai-Credo, a global innovation leader focusing on providing high-performance, low-power advanced connection solutions for 800G/400G/200G/100G high-speed port networks, today released its latest product Nutcracker-the industry’s first 3.2Tbps XSR low power consumption, high-speed connection Chiplet with a single channel rate of 112Gbps. In order to meet the application requirements of the next-generation MCM

AlwaysON DFS: Use the intelligent mechanism of DFS channel

“Wi-Fi is the main technology for accessing the Internet in homes and businesses. More and more applications such as video and games use Wi-Fi as the main communication medium. In view of the ever-increasing number of high-speed and low-latency applications using Wi-Fi, there is an urgent need for efficient channel management solutions. ON semiconductor has

What problems should be paid attention to in TPE overmolding processing?

“An important application field of TPE thermoplastic elastomers – encapsulated hard rubber structural parts, usually we see the most TPE encapsulated ABS, TPE encapsulated PP, and the most commonly seen on the market is the toothbrush handle TPE encapsulated, Play a non-slip, soft touch effect. “ An important application field of TPE thermoplastic elastomers –

How to Build an AC and DC Data Acquisition Signal Chain

“Sampling in analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) creates aliasing and capacitive kickback issues that designers address with filters and drive amplifiers, but this presents a series of associated challenges. Especially in mid-bandwidth applications, achieving precision DC and AC performance is challenging, and designers ultimately have to lower their system goals. “ Introduction Sampling in analog-to-digital converters (ADCs)

Interpretation of a Bluetooth SoC that can stand by for 10 years with a button battery

“In many small portable IoT applications, the ultimate challenge for the design engineer is to provide reliable wireless connectivity while operating from a single coin cell battery for ten years. “ Article author: Bob Card, Marketing Manager, ON semiconductor In many small portable IoT applications, the ultimate challenge for the design engineer is to provide