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The structure of the global cellular IoT module market has changed, with Quectel/Guanghetong/China Mobile/Sunsea/MAG taking the top 5 in the world!

Guide From the second quarter to the third quarter, there have been some obvious changes in the structure of the global cellular IoT module market. The shipments of Chinese manufacturers have grown rapidly. The top 5 manufacturers are all Chinese manufacturers, namely Quectel, Fibonacci, and China Mobile, Sunsea Intelligent, MG Intelligent. Recently, the market research

The first case of face recognition!Hangzhou Safari Park accused of compulsory collection of information

Face recognition is currently widely used in all walks of life, but it is often criticized due to privacy issues. A few days ago, the People’s Court of Fuyang District, Hangzhou City accepted a case related to face recognition. The complaint states that on April 27, 2019, Guo Bing, a distinguished associate professor of Zhejiang

Lenovo Lingtuo has passed ISO9001/14001/27001 three management system certifications, and its quality environment and information security management capabilities have reached the international advanced level

Recently, Lenovo Lingtuo Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Lenovo Lingtuo”), a leading intelligent data management solution and service provider dedicated to driving Chinese companies to release their data potential and accelerate digital transformation, successfully passed the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management System and three international certifications of ISO27001 information security

Four key elements to promote the development of IoT chips

“IoT Analytics is a leading provider of market insight and competitive intelligence for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0. It has conducted extensive research on the Internet of Things semiconductor market and believes that the performance of chips in the technical field is stable. “ The penetration rate of semiconductor components classified as

Rodney Brooks: How do we move towards superintelligence

“Humans, like dolphins, chimpanzees, and bonobos, may be below a certain threshold of intelligence. Some companies that claim to have artificial intelligence-based systems often use human resources to handle the tricky tasks of their online systems without users knowing it. This may seriously confuse the public’s perception of the current level of artificial intelligence development.

Design of RFID reader system based on AT89S51 and MF RC500

“RFlD is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency Denti-fieation (Radio Frequency Denti-fieation), also known as an Electronic tag. It uses radio frequency signals to achieve contactless information transmission through spatial coupling (alternating magnetic field or electromagnetic field) and achieve identification through the transmitted information The purpose of the technology. The earliest application of RFID can be

Unleash the full potential of GaN, GaNSense further improves the integration of GaN power chips

With the introduction of Apple’s new generation of 140W gallium nitride (GaN) fast charging, GaN has further entered the public eye. GaN has a switching speed 20 times faster than silicon, and a band gap 3 times faster. Natural advantages can make the overall power supply design higher power density, making the overall power supply

Introduction of Embedded Solutions for ZLG In Vitro Diagnostic Equipment

“ZLG has been deeply engaged in embedded systems for 20 years and has provided embedded solutions for many medical enterprise users, including common medical equipment such as gene amplification instruments, fluorescence immunoassay analyzers, and specific protein analyzers. This article introduces ZLG in vitro diagnostic equipment. All kinds of embedded solutions provided on. “ Abstract: ZLG

As a PCB engineer, you need to understand these design guidelines

“When starting a new design, because most of the time is spent on circuit design and component selection, in the PCB layout stage, there is often insufficient experience and insufficient consideration. “ When starting a new design, because most of the time is spent on circuit design and component selection, in the PCB layout stage,