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To control the first level of signal chain transmission, ROHM launched a super anti-jamming op amp

““With the popularity of the Internet of Things, the number of sensors is increasing, and the role of op amps and comparators that detect and amplify the weak electrical signals of the sensors has become more and more important.” FAE Zhusha of ROHM Shanghai Technology Center Qin said. “ As a bridge between analog and

Huawei TaiShan 200 server completes joint verification with Canonical Ubuntu Ceph

Recently, Huawei and Canonical, an open source operating system company, jointly announced that Huawei TaiShan 200 server has completed the testing and verification of the Ceph file storage solution on Ubuntu. It is reported that Ceph is a unified, distributed storage file system designed to provide high-performance, high-reliability, and high-expansibility data storage solutions. The test

Qualcomm supplies Huawei, why does the price of Apple 12 not increase but decrease?

The question of how to achieve chip autonomy has been discussed by practitioners for decades. But no one can deny that the manufacturer that really brought integrated circuits into the public eye is Huawei, which does not produce chips. This forms a very fragmented picture. On the one hand, we know that the chip is

2021Q1 smartphone chip market: MediaTek tops the market, HiSilicon only has 5% market share left

Recently, the market research institute Counterpoint released the relevant data of the global smartphone AP (application processor) chip market share in the first quarter of 2021. (Data sourced from Counterpoint) Statistics show that in the first quarter of 2021, MediaTek ranked first in the mobile phone chip market with a market share of 35%, an

Have you experienced the eight pits in the PLC debugging process?

“Various brands of PLCs have a self-diagnosis function, but the trick to PLC repair is to make full use of this function to analyze, and then accurately find the problem. 8 types of common errors that PLC repairers need to know when PLC displays abnormal alarms. “ Various brands of PLCs have a self-diagnosis function,

Spending $25 billion: Is there any hope for the return of the U.S. semiconductor industry

According to the “Nihon Keizai Shimbun” report, U.S. lawmakers from both parties have proposed a number of chip-related bills, planning to spend tens of billions of dollars in huge subsidies to promote the development of the domestic chip industry, because of concerns about the rise of China. Encourage the semiconductor industry to return, Intel, AMD,

Why choose GaN transistors? MASTERGAN1 tells you the answer

“ST has released the MASTERGAN1, the market’s first and only integrated 600 V gate driver and two enhanced Gallium Nitride (GaN) transistors in a single package. Competitors only offer one GaN transistor, while ST decided to add one more GaN, enabling a half-bridge configuration and allowing the MASTERGAN1 to be used in new topologies. Engineers

Analysis on RTS/CTS Technology of UART Controller

“Due to the limitation of cables, we generally do not use hardware flow control in ordinary control communication, but use software flow control. Generally, software flow control is realized through XON/XOFF. The common method is: when the amount of data in the input buffer of the receiving end exceeds the set high bit, it sends

The Vicor power module has become the “Absolute Shadow” power source for the robot dog

“Throughout the development of robot dogs, the early robot dogs were bulky, heavy, and had insufficient joint flexibility and restricted movement, making them unable to adapt to complex operating environments. It is worth mentioning that the strength displayed by Boston Dynamics’ robot dogs is undeniable and has a certain industry status. Today, Yunshen Technology, a