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China Electronics and Wuhan Sign Three Strategic Cooperation Agreements

At midnight on April 8th, the “epidemic” of the civil war ushered in a bright moment-Wuhan lifted the control measures for the Lihan-Li Hubei passage, and orderly resumed external traffic. The dusty 76-day city finally pressed the “restart button”, and at the same time The construction of major projects also presses the “fast forward button.”

In the morning of the same day, the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee and Government held a special event “Cloud Investment Promotion”. At the meeting, China Electronics and Wuhan signed three strategic cooperation agreements: strategic capital increase of Wuhan Yangtze River Yuntong Group, a state-owned enterprise in Wuhan, the establishment of CLP Optics Valley Digital Industrial Park in Caidian District, and the construction of China Great Wall Credit and Innovation Industrial Base and Innovation in Donghu High-tech Zone Center, in order to support Wuhan to accelerate the advancement of digital governance and industrial development. Wang Zhonglin, member of the Standing Committee of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee, and Zhou Xianwang, deputy secretary of the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, attended the ceremony at the Wuhan venue. Rui Xiaowu, Chairman and Party Secretary of China Electronics, and Chen Xu, Deputy General Manager and Party Member, attended the event in the form of a remote meeting at the group headquarters.

In his speech, Rui Xiaowu said that in the war against the “epidemic” of worldwide concern, the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee and Government had made great contributions to the victory of Hubei and the nation with the victory of Wuhan. After this rebirth from the ashes, a “new Wuhan” with extremely strong organizational and executive power has once again stood on the track of China’s economic innovation and development. China Electronics sincerely pays tribute to Wuhan, and is more optimistic about Wuhan, and more firmly supports Wuhan. He emphasized that in recent years, China Electronics, as a national team for the cyber-industry industry, has long been rooted in Wuhan and has deployed network security, modern digital cities, liquid crystal displays, industrial parks and other businesses, with 12,280 employees in Han. In order to support Wuhan’s acceleration of digital governance and industrial development, China Electronics signed three strategic cooperation agreements with Wuhan City through the “Cloud Investment Promotion” event. In the future, it will continue to unswervingly take root in Wuhan, rely on Wuhan, serve Wuhan, and develop new Wuhan Make a positive contribution!

Changjiang Yuntong Signing Event

Changjiang Yuntong is a modern digital city investment construction and operation management platform established by China Electronics and Wuhan City to coordinate and integrate relevant information enterprise assets of municipal state-owned enterprises. Great Wall Internet, a subsidiary of China Electronics, participates in the operation and construction. As the only digital city construction, operation, and investment management platform directly managed by the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Yangtze River Cloud will build “a heterogeneous and polymorphic base platform, a big data interconnection data pool, and a big data analysis industry group” to help For the development of the urban big data industry in Wuhan, we will serve as the security guard of modern digital Wuhan’s network security, the nanny of informatization operations, the steward of data assets, and the broker of the digital industry.

CLP Optics Valley Digital Industrial Park Signing Event

CEC Optics Valley Digital Industrial Park is a digital manufacturing demonstration park planned and constructed in Caidian District by China Electronics Optics Valley, a subsidiary of China Electronics. The industrial park will build an overall industrial system based on manufacturing, guided by intelligence, and actively introduce intelligent-related industrial forms such as automobile manufacturing, 5G, Internet of Things, and industrial robots, and use projects as demonstration points to make intelligent The service is applied to the production, sales, and management of Changfu Industrial Park enterprises, integrates the concept of intelligent development into the lifeline of industrial development, improves the intelligent development level of the manufacturing industry in Changfu Industrial Park as a whole, and builds intelligence for data interconnection and industrial co-progress. Demonstration area for chemical development.

It is reported that a total of 69 projects were signed at the “Cloud Merchants Signing Contract” event, with a total contract value of 245.1 billion yuan, which officially sounded the clarion call for the full resumption of work and production in Wuhan. Xie Qinglin, assistant to the general manager of China Electronics, director of the Planning and Technology Department, and heads of the integrated management department and related contracted enterprises participated in the event.

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