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Chinese Academy of Sciences report: China’s core AI industry is expected to reach 400 billion by the end of 2025

On December 25, the annual meeting of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Artificial Intelligence Industry-University-Research Innovation Alliance was held in Beijing. At the meeting, Zhang Feng, deputy dean of the Strategic Consulting Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, released the annual report “Artificial Intelligence Frontier Research and Industry Development Report 2021” on behalf of the alliance. The report pointed out that the scale of my country’s artificial intelligence industry is continuing to expand, and it is expected that the scale of China’s artificial intelligence core industry is expected to reach 400 billion yuan by the end of 2025.

The report believes that in 2021, major countries in the world have entered the stage of comprehensively advancing artificial intelligence strategies. Artificial intelligence supervision has become the top priority of the development of artificial intelligence in various countries. Talent training is the core competitiveness of AI development in various countries, and AI infrastructure is important. Sex becomes more prominent. my country’s artificial intelligence companies continue to develop vigorously and the artificial intelligence industry clusters are obvious. Leading companies represented by iFLYTEK of Science and Technology have achieved the first market share in voice intelligence and other fields, becoming an important driving force for industry innovation.

Liu Qingfeng, Chairman of iFLYTEK, also expressed his views on artificial intelligence innovation in his speech at the conference. Liu Qingfeng pointed out that, for artificial intelligence to effectively solve major social propositions, it must go from a single point of application breakthrough to systematic innovation. Liu Qingfeng emphasized that artificial intelligence is an inevitable choice to support a happy China and an industrial power, and the prosperity of the ecology determines the future global competition pattern of the artificial intelligence industry, and it is also an important foundation for the alliance of industry, university and research.

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