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Chinese company will buy UK’s largest chip factory for 562 million yuan?

As we all know, this year, the global chip industry has fallen into a state of unprecedented shortage. Any news about chips will be paid attention to by everyone, and the important news will be magnified by everyone.

Recently, some media reported that Newport Wafer Fab (NWF), the UK’s largest chip manufacturer, will be acquired by a Chinese company, which is Nexperia, a subsidiary of Wingtech.

And according to the photo media, the purchase price may only be 63 million pounds (about 87 million US dollars, 562 million yuan), and this price is relatively low, so after the news came out, netizens responded basically. There are two factions, one is that many netizens are directly boiling, and the other is that it is unreliable.

So is this thing reliable or not? In fact, it is reliable. Let me tell you about it carefully.

First of all, let’s talk about NWF, which mainly produces semiconductor chips for automotive power applications. It is currently privately held, and the scale of the enterprise is not large. Looking at the price, it is only 562 million yuan, so if you want to sell it, and There won’t be a lot of censorship involved.

Secondly, this time it was acquired in the name of Nexperia. Although Nexperia was acquired by Wingtech, Nexperia is still a Dutch company in its origin. Therefore, it is basically impossible to acquire in the name of Nexperia. too much resistance.

Third, Nexperia itself is an automotive semiconductor company. Its strengths are in the logic, discrete device and MOSFET markets. Its market share ranks among the top three in the world, and it ranks first in the global market in the field of automotive ICs. NWF produces semiconductor chips for automotive power applications, so Anshi’s acquisition of it is also reasonable from a business perspective. The acquisition of the other party can supplement its own business segment.

Frankly speaking, if it was placed in the past, there would be basically no resistance to such an acquisition, but considering the current relatively tense external situation, there are still some difficulties faced by this transaction.

But I think the deal is solid and the price is not underestimated, as NWF has several outstanding debts, including £20 million from HSBC and £18 million from the Welsh authorities, the so-called UK’s largest chip factory, just because the chip industry in the UK itself is lagging behind, so a small company is also called the largest, it is just a false name.

Next, we will see whether some countries will intervene in the end, but NWF does not have too many cutting-edge technologies, so there will be no intervention in theory.