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Chip shipments based on Arm technology hit record high last quarter

(February 26, 2020) In the third quarter of fiscal year 2019 (September-December 2019), Arm semiconductor partners’ shipments of chips based on Arm technology reached 6.4 billion, a record high. For the third time in two years, it set a new record for single-quarter shipments.

Among them, the shipment of Cortex-M processors reached 4.2 billion, setting a new record again. Arm has thus seen the increasing demand for embedded intelligence in terminal equipment. As of now, Arm’s partners have shipped more than 160 billion chips based on Arm technology, with an average of more than 22 billion chips per year in the past three years.

“Last quarter, Arm partners shipped a record 6.4 billion chips based on Arm technology, including a record 4.2 billion Cortex-M processors,” said Rene Haas, president of the Arm IP Products Group. Proving that Cortex-M is the processor of choice for embedded and IoT applications.”

“Additionally, our accelerated investment in new technologies and developer ecosystems has brought us the highest number of licensing agreements in a single quarter since 2015. Arm, together with the world’s largest computing ecosystem, is actively bringing new technologies to more devices. Efficient intelligence, creating an AI-driven network edge, while bringing higher efficiency and lower costs to the cloud.”