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Cockroach Labs announces the launch of a serverless version of the SQL database

October 19th-Cockroach Labs, the manufacturer of CockroachDB, today announced the public beta of its serverless version of the SQL database, which provides developers with an easier and low-cost way to access database resources. These resources can be scaled up and down without the need to clearly define them.


The company’s co-founder and CEO Spencer Kimball said that its goal is to reduce complexity for developers while providing a refined price system. Serverless products eliminate early decision points for developers, which is very important. The big advantage is that you can be billed according to the detailed usage, and you only need to pay for the exact content you use.

The most important thing is that using a serverless database approach can eliminate all capacity planning and all problems related to it for developers. This means they no longer need to predict the node or machine type required to run the application, but simply point to the Cockroach serverless database, which will provide the exact amount of resources needed to run the workload. If the workload is not needed, this may not even need to be a full node.

Although this involves the use of shared resources, Kimball pointed out that when it comes to personal data, this will always be isolated on the backend. “The important part of your actual data that is not encrypted is completely isolated from any particular developer or use case. So there is still isolation, but on the back end, many data storage and retrieval organizational tasks are shared on a large number of machines. Essentially what this allows us to do is to use resources efficiently,” he said.

He said that this ability to effectively share resources allows the company to provide developers with a free tier to build their applications without having to pay before they actually start operations. More importantly, if there is a sudden workload, resources will automatically increase and decrease as needed. Tenants can decide how much they are willing to spend so that resources will not exceed their ability to pay. When capacity automation is achieved in this way, this One point is very important.

Moreover, CockroachDB will not require the use of a credit card before crossing the threshold of the free tier and entering the paid tier, so it eliminates the possibility of accidental bills.

Although he described the free tier generously, the exact details of these pricing tiers are still being worked out, and the serverless product is available for public testing today.

The Cockroach Lab was established in 2015 and, according to Crunchbase, has raised more than $355 million in funding. Its most recent financing was a $160 million Series E financing in January at a valuation of $2 billion.

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