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Credo launches 3.2Tbps XSR single-channel 112Gbps high-speed connection Chiplet

May 19, 2021 Shanghai-Credo, a global innovation leader focusing on providing high-performance, low-power advanced connection solutions for 800G/400G/200G/100G high-speed port networks, today released its latest product Nutcracker-the industry’s first 3.2Tbps XSR low power consumption, high-speed connection Chiplet with a single channel rate of 112Gbps. In order to meet the application requirements of the next-generation MCM (Multi-Chip Component) ASIC, the product is deeply optimized in terms of power consumption and connection distance performance, and can be used in high-speed switches, high-performance computing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) And photoelectric packaging (CPO) and other scenarios.

There are 32 low-power 112G XSR SerDes channels on the Nutcracker Host side, which are used to communicate with the main ASIC of the system-on-chip (SOC). There are 32 low-power 112G MR+ channels using DSP optimization technology on the Line side to provide an interface for external communication.

Credo’s unique DSP technology enables it to develop and produce this 32x112Gbps XSR 32x112Gbps MR+ Retimer die using TSMC’s 12nm mature process under the premise of ensuring low power consumption. In contrast, other alternative solutions will require the use of more expensive 7nm or 5nm process nodes.

The chip architecture optimized by Credo enables SOC ASIC suppliers to maximize their core processing functions by using the XSR interface with area saving and lower power consumption. Nutcracker can provide MCM with a powerful packaged external interface to facilitate its integration in various system-level configurations.

The use of Chiplets in MCM designs can accelerate the development and innovation of ASICs, and can more quickly meet the ever-increasing performance demands of various application scenarios such as switches, storage, service providers, high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

“We have strategically cooperated with major global Fortune 200 customers to develop and commercialize Nutcracker,” said Jeff Twombly, vice president of business development at Credo. “Next-generation ASIC deployments require heterogeneous MCMs to meet the growing performance requirements of all technology industries, including emerging photo-electrical-in-package (CPO) technologies in the data center. Nutcracker is an advanced solution to meet these needs today. Plan.” Twombly continued.

650 Group founder and technical analyst Alan Weckel said: “Credo’s Nutcracker XSR Chiplet is an important part of the next generation of ASIC design. As the data center market develops towards 400G, 800G and higher speed ASICs, the market will shift from single-chip ASICs. Transition to MCM solutions. In addition, as the market moves towards 25.6Tbps and 51.2Tbps, we expect more ASICs to adopt MCM structures.”

Nutcracker will be showcased in the 2021 TSMC online innovation platform. After the event, the video of the show will be published on the Credo official website. At present, Nutcracker has been put into mass production.

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