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Digital Tektronix Wins the Future Tektronix Helps the Fourth Industrial Revolution to Start Again

Break-technical bottleneck, innovation-technological engine, wisdom-industrial upgrading, the 2021 Tektronix Innovation Forum will reopen

Beijing, China, June 16, 2021 – Tektronix Innovation Forum 2021 (TIF 2021) will start in Beijing from June 16 to June 18, and will be further extended to Shanghai, Xi’an, etc. TIF helps the fourth industrial revolution, aiming at “breaking – technical bottleneck, innovation – technology engine, intelligence – industrial upgrading”, not forgetting the original intention, based on local and comprehensive digital transformation, and sharing the latest development trends and cutting-edge testing solutions in the industry .

The fourth industrial revolution has a broad connotation, involving digital, physical, biological and other fields. Industries include artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, driverless cars, augmented reality technology and virtual reality technology, gene editing and other biotechnology, nanotechnology, etc. Currently, we are still at the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Tektronix 2021 Innovation and Technology Forum focuses on data centers, semiconductor design, chip manufacturing, basic material research and new energy industry development, breaking through the technical bottlenecks of basic disciplines, creating a strong technology engine, and driving the industrial upgrading of the whole society. Top experts in various fields will share with you. The latest development trends and cutting-edge testing solutions in the industry.

The summit coincides with the 75th anniversary celebration of Tektronix. Focusing on the purpose of[Digital Intelligence Tektronix Wins the Future]in addition to the release of China’s localization strategy, Tektronix will also reveal the test plan with Chinese characteristics, including the presentation of a new power electronics experimental platform, Demonstration and exclusive interpretation of popular applications such as dynamic test systems for third-generation power devices, PCIE5 and USB4.0 high-speed bus tests, new computing frameworks and neuron memristor characterization tests, and wide-bandgap semiconductor solutions. There are also experts with many years of experience and from different popular application fields who will share the course plan around the theme, and more mysterious experts will launch their new books!

75 years of hard work, test the new trend of the industry

At the 2021 Tektronix Innovation Forum, Tektronix will invite heavyweight industry experts online, Daniel Tani, a former astronaut and engineer from NASA in the United States, and Tami, President of Tektronix Technology, to have a summit dialogue, so that engineers can stand on the shoulders of giants. higher and farther. Meet with our domain experts, re-learn the latest industry trends and insights, learn about innovative technologies and applications, and experience cutting-edge applications for yourself! It includes three generations of power device dynamic test systems, new optical isolation probes, power electronics experimental platforms, Tektronix/Anritsu PCIE 5.0 joint solutions to help next-generation high-speed communication interface testing, new computing frameworks and memristors, neuron network test solutions Wait.

Although the application of three generations of power devices makes it possible to reduce weight, reduce volume and improve efficiency, it brings new test challenges to R&D engineers. Traditional test tools can no longer meet the test requirements due to their high frequency, high common mode, high voltage and other characteristics. , Tektronix launched a new test system for the third-generation power device optical isolation technology, once again promote the progress of detection technology.

Tektronix memristor/neuron network test system is based on the purpose of local innovation, and provides memristor DC performance, AC performance, pulse performance and high-speed pulse performance tests; a variety of different configuration schemes to meet different customer needs; built-in memory Resistor performance test, resistance dynamic test function, can customize and develop special functions according to customer needs; provide array test function, which is used by leading customers in the industry.

The secret of super laboratory and face to face with big coffee

A feast of power technology, trends, hot spots, opportunities and challenges are all in it. Cree experts from internationally renowned power semiconductor companies and Tektronix test experts are invited to share online. In addition, domestic well-known power device manufacturers and third-generation test systems are also invited. Providers and technical experts from well-known domestic power supply companies (Gao Yuan, Director of Tyco Tianrun Application Test Center, Yang Hong, Chief Engineer of Beijing New Thunder Energy Shanghai Branch, and Mao Saijun, General Manager of Chenxin Technology), will have face-to-face dialogue with online friends to make room for Bandgap technology is no longer mysterious, allowing you to enter the innovation of power technology earlier. Tektronix creates a communication platform for you, from confusion to clarity, from hearing to seeing, from hesitant to full of confidence, here is what you want to know all. Industry leaders talked about three generations of semiconductors, and explained the advantages, applications and future of the three generations of semiconductors.

At the same time, the mystery of the Tektronix super laboratory was unveiled. The latest Tektronix super laboratory is divided into three sections, the technology exchange area, which discusses the latest technology and standards in the industry, and exchanges test methods and tools; the popular application Display area, which regularly updates the latest applications The test plan allows you to understand the latest technology in advance; the remote interactive area, three-party or multi-party connection, engineers and their supervisors and Tektronix or other technical experts are connected to solve problems in real-time interactively.

Zero-distance experience of microelectronics open class in famous schools

As a national first-level discipline and a leader in cultivating microelectronics talents for the country, the School of Microelectronics of Xidian University has been committed to helping the innovation and upgrading of China’s microelectronics industry and talent training, and has designed a series of innovative experimental teaching courses for this purpose. , using the industry’s advanced testing equipment and solutions, to establish a model microelectronics practice education platform.

On June 18, Xidian will take you into a unique microelectronics experiment open class! Experts from the National Integrated Circuit Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Xidian University allow you to experience modern microelectronics teaching courses at zero distance, connect education and industry colleagues to explore new models of microelectronics teaching, and experience immersive immersion in the live courses of innovation laboratories of online courses. The MOSFET process test course involved will explain how to use the source meter to extract the characteristic curve of MOSFET and parametric test transistor characteristic frequency test demonstration.

Staying true to the original intention and based on the local market, Tektronix helps the fourth industrial revolution to start again. With a number of industry leaders, Tektronix has a never-ending innovation gene, and we will continue to lead customers to find faster, smarter and more accurate ways to meet the challenges of new technology innovation and application.

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