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Electric vehicles have become the trend, where will hybrid vehicles go?

With the growing awareness of environmental protection, the continuous improvement of three electric technologies and the intensification of the layout of infrastructure such as charging piles, for new energy vehicles, the electrification of new energy vehicles is imperative. How long will it last for a hybrid car?


Judging from the current situation, for cities with no purchase restrictions or purchase restrictions, both pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles can be selected. The hybrid has two power systems on the structure, and once the car runs out of electricity, it will use oil. Compared with pure electric vehicles, pure electric vehicles rely on electric energy to drive, which is quiet and noise-free for vehicles, and the cost of vehicle maintenance will be relatively cost-effective. In terms of energy source alone, pure electric vehicles are more pure than plug-in hybrid vehicles, and they are new energy vehicles in the true sense. Plug-in hybrids still require fuel.

Furthermore, judging from the current state subsidies for pure electric vehicles, pure electric vehicles have the largest subsidy and the strictest subsidy standards, while plug-in hybrid models are not much subsidized. Furthermore, there are obvious shortcomings in terms of plug-in hybrids. Taking a family as an example, if there is no charging condition, or there is no charging pile for charging, then it can only run in the fuel hybrid mode, and the fuel consumption is low. The performance is unsatisfactory, not even lower than the fuel consumption of fuel vehicles. After all, the weight of the vehicle battery makes the plug-in hybrid vehicle heavier than the same series of fuel vehicles.


But for electric vehicles, don’t worry about this situation. At least pure electric vehicles use electricity, and ultimately do not need to consume chemical fuels. From the perspective of energy saving, pure electric vehicles are more energy-efficient than hybrids.

Furthermore, from the perspective of vehicle networking and intelligence, electric vehicles do not have complex mechanical mechanisms, and are easier to control than plug-in hybrids. Hybrid vehicles are transitional products from fuel vehicles to pure electric vehicles. It is fuel saving, so car price and oil price have become the main reasons. Pure electric vehicles have achieved zero exhaust emissions, and there is no need to worry about energy problems. After all, there are many ways to convert electric energy, so looking at the overall situation, pure electric technology still has A lot of details are worth exploring. Before the era of pure electricity is popular, there is still a certain market prospect for hybrid vehicles. It can be seen that the plug-in hybrid vehicle is only a transitional product in the development of new energy vehicles.