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Foreign media: dissatisfied with the current position, Intel is looking for a new CEO

According to foreign media reports, a record of a conference call with analysts and investors hosted by Susquehanna International Group, LLP (SIG) has been shared online. SIG describes itself as a “global quantitative trading company established with entrepreneurial thinking and strict decision-making analysis methods”, mainly focusing on the technical field. It is reported that this meeting mainly talked about some interesting information behind Intel.

Although this information should be quite reliable, since it is not from Intel’s official website, it should still have some reservations. The first is “Intel is looking for a new CEO.” Obviously, four people have been selected but one person has been eliminated. Intel is currently expected to make a decision on the new leader in the first quarter of 2021.

After that, SIG began to talk about Intel’s 10nm production, and we knew it was extremely difficult for this company. The company said that although the 10nm SuperFin is far better than the 10nm basic model, the yield is still at a relatively low level. For example, even if iGPU is disabled, Cannon Lake’s yield rate is lower than 25%, but the current 10nm Superfin processor yield rate is> 50%.

Then came the 7nm technology. The information given in the conference call was that the launch of the 7nm technology was much later than the 6-12 months that Intel announced in the second quarter of this year. Therefore, Intel Xe-HPC GPU Ponte Vecchio (PVC) is in the hands of TSMC. As for the actual time of the delay, it is said that due to multiple problems, Intel can’t even be sure. Intel is expected to have a clear enough understanding of the scale of its own problems in the first quarter to decide which processors to outsource to companies such as Samsung and TSMC.


Last but not least, there are some discussions about AMD and Intel. SIG told investors, “If both companies can perfectly iterate their roadmaps as planned, Intel will not be able to catch up with AMD until the end of 2024 or early 2025.” It is said that AMD’s biggest problem is to get from TSMC. Sufficient capacity.

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