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Forging ahead for ten years to draw a smart industrial ecology, CITE2022 creates the future with technology and wisdom

[Introduction]In the past ten years, China’s technological innovation technology has entered an intensive and active period. A new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is reconstructing the innovation map. AIoT technology, smart scene, smart home, mobile Internet and other technologies have developed over the years. Gradually mature and successfully implemented, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics with the connotation of “ethereal, romantic, modern and technological” has proved to the outside world China’s technological development speed and innovation strength.

After the Winter Olympics, the 10th China Electronic Information Expo (hereinafter referred to as “CITE 2022”) will also kick off on May 17, 2022 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As the largest electronic information expo in Asia, with the most complete industrial chain, the most abundant activities, and the fastest growing influence, this time will focus on the Display of smart home, consumer electronics and other technological fields with the theme of “Forge ahead for ten years and create a future with wisdom”. innovative power and cutting-edge technology.

Innovation power, ten years to reshape the value of science and technology

In the past ten years, CITE has not only accompanied the rapid rise of China’s electronic information technology industry, but also witnessed the development, upgrading and transformation of China’s smart home ecosystem; as the direction mark of the electronic information technology industry and a model room for smart homes, CITE not only provides enterprises with accurate , Efficient product promotion and technical publicity, enhance corporate brand awareness, and provide exhibitors with industrial resources such as passenger flow, information flow, capital flow, supply chain support, etc., and vigorously promote the ecological development of the smart home industry.

Coinciding with the critical year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, CITE2022 has also embarked on the journey of the new decade. Shaping industry value for the next decade. China’s electronic information industry is standing on a brand-new perspective, position and pattern, and comprehensively conceives and arranges the future development strategy. In the past 2021, the smart home industry has been turbulent and changing. The state has issued a number of policies to support smart homes, and the “14th Five-Year Plan” has written the “smart home” plan for the first time. The smart home industry standards have been gradually improved, and related companies have actively embraced the smart home industry, and new products have been produced one after another. The potential of the industry has attracted capital to enter the market, and a large number of industries have achieved remarkable results in the process of globalization.

Facing the new decade, at the moment when 5G and big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing, etc. form an aggregation effect, industrial integration and platform empowerment have become the strongest voices in this era, and the transformation from manufacturing to technology service industry has been It has become the consensus and direction of the industry. How the smart home industry can achieve leapfrog, with intelligence as the core drive, drive the formation of a new value chain and the development of environmental ecology, and finally realize an ecosystem that empowers each other and promotes integration, which has become a highlight of CITE2022.

In recent years, CITE has become a stage for upstream and downstream enterprises in the smart home industry chain to showcase the IoT ecology and global technological innovation. Companies such as Huawei, Honor, Hisense, Skyworth, Konka, and TCL displayed full-scenario solutions for different applications ranging from smart homes to smart transportation and smart cities with large booths and full categories. It is reported that Internet companies such as Lenovo and Dell will also showcase their innovations and layouts at CITE2022.

Looking back at the historical development process of CITE, the past ten years have been the first half of the exciting innovation, and in 2022, the organizers hope to welcome the second half of the smart future with “intelligent innovation”. Therefore, what we see is not only the evolution of science and technology, but also the beginning of the next decade with the theme of “intelligence” and “creation”.

Wisdom upgrades dimension, innovation power empowers smart ecology

At present, the product forms of smart home terminals are constantly enriched, the basic software technology of smart home is constantly consolidated, and the overall solution of smart home is also constantly maturing. Smart home equipment is gradually transitioning from the stage of intelligent interconnection to the future, deeply integrating technologies such as big data and machine learning, and reaching the stage of active intelligence centered on users. The promotion of whole-house intelligence will become one of the important driving forces for smart home equipment to occupy the market and the demand will continue to grow.

Domestic technology giants are actively deploying the AIoT smart home track. Huawei will be the first to release whole-house smart products in 2021, and then at the developer conference in October, announced the launch of the “1+2+N” whole-house smart solution. Achieving the goal of 5 million smart homes in the next 5 years. In the past five years, Huawei has cooperated with more than 1,800 industry partners to create 4,000+ smart items. In order to accelerate the commercialization of whole-house intelligence, Huawei also announced that it will fully upgrade HUAWEI HiLink to Hongmeng Zhilian. Through the HarmonyOS Connect ecological empowerment certification system, it can help single products be integrated into the overall intelligent experience.

Since Honor proposed the all-scenario strategy, it has been accelerating the development and product launch of all-scenario smart life. It can also be seen from the layout of Honor products in the past two years that in addition to the core mobile phone business, notebook computers, tablet computers, smart screens, smart watches and other products are also the focus of research and development.

Faced with the rise of Generation Z, consumption upgrades and the new pattern of the smart life industry, Hisense, Skyworth, Konka and other established technology companies are also actively deploying smart homes. Skyworth has previously proposed the concept of “home appliances” and launched the “SMARTHOME” system for smart living, allowing users to control products with Skyworth’s intelligent system, washing machines, refrigerators, air purifiers, water purifiers, air conditioners, curtains, lighting , range hoods, fans, humidifiers and other smart home appliances can be fully controlled, and seamless switching of intelligent interaction can be realized on the mobile phone and Skyworth TV to meet the diverse needs of users.

Intelligence is covering all aspects of people’s lives and meeting people’s life needs at different levels. The smart home solution created by Hisense Smart Life has built more than 100 smart scenarios by empowering Hisense’s own smart home appliances, smart home products and smart ecological products, covering nine spaces of the family, providing users with high-quality products. A new experience of smart life.

As the haze of the epidemic dissipates, the industry urgently needs a large-scale event to lift the spirits. The China Electronic Information Expo, which has strong international influence, is playing an important role in representing China’s science and technology. For exhibitors and users, in addition to learning about China’s technological innovation and industrial changes in the nine CITE exhibition halls, they can also participate in more than ten series of activities such as CITE2022 Innovation Awards, CITE2022 International Display Series Activities, and CITE2022 Internet of Vehicles Series Activities. and dozens of forums. At the same time, the expo will also hold many grand events such as a fashion digital night with high-tech elements, a gathering of 100 associations in the electronic information industry, an industry report conference, etc., and will be supported by videos of well-known entrepreneurs, live broadcast of booth Douyin, and Internet celebrities. Call and other forms to promote the integration and interaction of exhibitors and fans of the Expo with a higher degree of adhesion.