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Fuck the Tesla!Huawei’s first public self-driving test ride: easy to deal with complex road sections

On April 15, the BAIC New Energy Polar Fox Alpha S HI version equipped with Huawei’s self-driving technology was publicly tested in Shanghai, which was also the first test ride demonstration of Huawei’s self-driving technology.

Car blogger @42 Garage posted on Weibo the test of Huawei’s self-driving technology. From the video, the driving conditions of the on-site test vehicle are relatively stable, and it performs well in start-stop at traffic light intersection, unprotected left turn, lane change, avoidance of cars and pedestrians, etc.

To Xiaolei’s surprise, Huawei’s autonomous driving is experienced in dealing with emergencies. For example, at traffic light intersections, it will give way to vehicles according to the priority of the road, and it can also successfully pass through the road sections where battery cars are parked. When the takeaway battery car is driving, it will actively maintain the distance.

Xu Zhijun, Huawei’s rotating chairman, said: “The R&D team told me that Huawei’s autonomous driving technology can achieve 1,000 kilometers of autonomous driving in urban areas without intervention, which is much better than Tesla.”

At present, autonomous driving technology is divided into lidar route and pure machine vision route. Lidar routes use laser pulses for distance measurement and work well day and night, but currently the cost of lidar is relatively high. The pure machine vision route is to use ordinary camera imaging to achieve distance measurement through the visual difference of the two sets of cameras. This technology is greatly affected by ambient light, and the advantage is that the implementation cost is low.

Tesla can be said to be the representative of the pure machine vision route. Today, almost all Tesla cars are equipped with cameras to realize Autopilot automatic driving assistance. Tesla CEO Elon Musk once bombarded at the “Autonomy Day” product launch that “everyone who uses lidar is a fool”. He believes that it is possible to complete autonomous driving from a pure visual algorithm that relies on cameras, without using expensive lidar. . Relying on the data collection of all Tesla cars currently running on the road, Tesla has achieved a leading level in terms of technology landing and data collection.

Unlike Tesla, Huawei uses two technologies, lidar and camera, in hardware, bringing better visual feedback to autonomous driving through the fusion of the two technologies. At the same time, Huawei has also solved the high price of lidar, reducing the cost from thousands of dollars to several hundred dollars, and has achieved mass production. Huawei has taken a different approach in the face of US sanctions on chip technology, and has made breakthroughs in the field of autonomous driving. This tenacious innovative spirit is really admirable.