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Genesys and Azure join forces to empower enterprise cloud

Genesys has expanded its partnership with Microsoft to help enterprise contact centers provide customers with a superior interactive experience through a new cloud service. By implementing the Genesys Engage™ omnichannel customer experience solution running on Microsoft Azure systems, businesses gain the security and scalability they need to easily connect every touchpoint throughout the customer journey.

The Genesys Engage solution based on Microsoft’s Azure system will be available later in 2020. To accelerate business growth, the two companies will offer Genesys Engage on Microsoft Azure through a joint sales and marketing strategy. A simplified buying process helps customers move to cloud services quickly and easily.

The Power of the Microsoft Azure-based Genesys Engage Solution

Thanks to its multi-tenant architecture, the Genesys Engage solution based on Microsoft’s Azure system supports customers to innovate rapidly and increase business agility. In addition, by running Genesys customer experience solutions in the reliable Microsoft Azure cloud environment, enterprises can simplify management and maintenance requirements, centralize IT professional resources, and reduce operating costs, thereby maximizing the return on investment in Microsoft Azure. By implementing these solutions, businesses can easily apply cloud and artificial intelligence technologies to gain deep business insights and deliver tailored, high-quality customer experiences.

NTT Ltd. is one of the top five technology and service providers in the world and a partner of Microsoft and Genesys. Nemo Verbist, Senior Vice President for Smart Business and Smart Workplace at NTT Ltd, sees the partnership as very valuable. “Genesys Engage’s Microsoft Azure-based solutions add value to our customers’ investments,” said Verbist. “The solution provides businesses with a secure and robust foundation to make customer interactions more efficient and creative.”

Kate Johnson, president of Microsoft U.S., said: “With the proliferation of different channels and platforms, large contact centers need to handle huge demand information. One of the biggest challenges is integrating the details of every interaction across all channels, ensuring that every customer has A seamless experience. Genesys is helping businesses create a seamless customer journey leveraging Microsoft’s secure, trusted and scalable cloud platform.”

Peter Graf, chief strategy officer at Genesys, said: “We are excited to offer large enterprises the possibility to run their mission-critical customer experience platform in their trusted cloud environment, Microsoft Azure. Together, we will accelerate innovation and work Efficiency, allowing even the most complex organizations to easily transition to cloud computing and build deeper business connections with customers.”

The parties are also developing new integrations for Genesys and Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Azure Cognitive Services Discovery Team to simplify collaboration and communication for employees and customers. More information on upcoming integrations will be released later this year.