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Google Urgently Releases Chrome Browser Crash Fix Update

This weekend, Google urgently released an update to its Google Chrome browser, fixing an issue that has crashed Chrome on Windows 10 and Linux worldwide since last Thursday.

Last Thursday, many Windows 10 users suddenly found Google Chrome extensions and tabs crashing, as shown in the image below. It was later learned that Linux users were also affected by this issue.

In addition to the extension crashing, users also found that they were unable to access the browser’s settings, extension page (gray screen).

Google urgently released a small update on Sunday to fix this crash.

Affected Windows device users can follow these steps:

Quit all open Chrome windows;

Reopen Chrome (the problem persists);

Keep Chrome open for about 5 minutes;

After 5 minutes, quit Chrome, then restart Chrome, the update is complete and the problem should be resolved.

For affected Linux devices, follow these steps:

Navigate to the directory containing the Chrome user profile;


delete[Chrome user profile]The content of the Origin Trials subdirectory;

This directory should contain the “” directory;

delete[Chrome user profile]Local State file;

Fire up Chrome, which should load as expected.

Although Google has not officially stated what caused the crash, according to the above fix process, it seems that the crash caused by the Origin Trial experiment was pushed to some Google Chrome browser users.

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