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HIRO deploys a new generation of scalable edge micro data centers

Distributed edge infrastructure using modular power supplies can accelerate processing and data transmission

Edge computing is essential to realize the full potential of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT). These technologies are being integrated into all aspects of our lives: autonomous driving, smart buildings, robotics, supply chain management, and healthcare.

What is edge computing?

Edge computing, as a faster (middle layer) data relay technology, can achieve real-time response to critical tasks in the device. Edge computing supports AI locally without relying on cloud AI, which can significantly improve services and applications. The edge is where smart decisions are made, when to decide when to move computing from the edge to the cloud.


Figure 1 Edge computing: Place power near high-performance processors to achieve higher performance

Therefore, the Edge Micro Data Center (EMDC) was born, which is a highly scalable and compact edge computing resource that can develop well in harsh external environments. It can integrate any type and quantity of CPU, GPU, FPGA and NVMe? (Non-Volatile Memory Standard) media on platforms ranging from 1.5kW shoebox-sized devices to 500kW containerized edge devices. These platforms are all solid-state and modular, not only require minimal maintenance, but also do not require heat dissipation energy. The Dutch startup technology company HIRO mainly develops innovative, high-performance and reliable edge infrastructure (software and hardware) that can deliver the intelligent edge as a service. In close cooperation with the Hungarian innovative hardware design company PCB Design Ltd., a rugged, high-performance communication and computing solution was developed.


Figure 2: HIRO’s energy-saving EMDC (Micro Data Center) is compact and portable, and can be placed in various environments. HIRO EMDC example: From left to right, they are EMDC8 1.5kW, EMDC16 3kW, EMDC24 4.5kW.

Providing support for hospitals, processing big data, and training AI models in a privacy-protecting environment are HIRO’s consistent special commitments.Community impact

Hospitals need to transmit large amounts of data sets outside of their medical places to train AI models that help detect and treat cardiovascular diseases, cancer, tumors, and other complex diseases. HIRO is developing a low-cost infrastructure that allows medical experts to use data from other hospitals to train their models without transferring or exposing the data outside the hospital.

In addition, HIRO is also implementing the 16 million Euro BRAINE project, which has four test platforms supporting unique applications in Europe (Netherlands, Italy and Hungary):

Medical assisted living

Super connected smart city

Industry 4.0 factory robot

Supply Chain Industry 4.0

Proven, power density is an inseparable and important part of an efficient and scalable platform

The power architecture using 48VDC (rather than 12VDC) power distribution operation can realize highly compact and efficient power conversion. Higher voltage can reduce the I2R loss of the power supply network (PDN). Vicor’s high-density, high-efficiency power supply modules help to realize HIRO’s compact solid-state EMDC design with good heat dissipation and energy saving.

Vicor DCM power module provides 48V to 12V conversion. These modules have highly flexible heat dissipation options and provide industry-leading power density per unit volume, which is conducive to the development of renewable energy.


Figure 3: Vicor DCM 48VDC – 12VDC power supply module: helps realize HIRO energy-saving EMDC design

Vicor’s innovative packaging, topology, and architecture provide ever-increasing density and power efficiency, which are critical to data centers.

Take Europe one step closer to edge technology

Continuing to strengthen the intelligence and interconnection of the world is a daunting task. Edge computing is an important bridge to realize faster computing and new ideas. HIRO, Vicor and PCB Design, Ltd. are the three important driving forces of this movement and jointly promote the continuous development of technology. This partnership will have a significant impact in areas such as smart cities, smart hospitals, smart manufacturing and robotics, and smart supply chains.

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About Vicor

Vicor is a leader in high-performance power modules, and has always been committed to solving the most difficult power problems for customers, helping them innovate and maximize system performance. Our easy-to-use power modules provide extremely high density and efficiency, and support advanced power supply networks from the power supply to the point of load. Vicor is headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts, USA, and mainly provides unparalleled power conversion and power supply technology to customers around the world.

About HIRO

HIRO develops edge infrastructure as a service to implement big data and AI processing that protects security and privacy in a data-intensive edge environment. Some of these edge environments include smart cities (buildings, infrastructure, hospitals, logistics centers, traffic and transportation) and smart factories (cyber-physical systems, factory floors, supply chains, robots, digital twins). HIRO mainly develops high-efficiency and energy-saving high-density heterogeneous micro and nano data center hardware (edge ​​micro data center) and distributed federal edge cloud computing software.

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