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Hisense released eye protection tablet Q5: 10.5-inch screen + Tiger Ben 8-core chip

This afternoon, Hisense held a press conference and launched the A5C series of color screen reading mobile phones. In addition, Hisense launched the Q5 eye protection tablet, which uses a 10.5-inch screen and a Tiger Ben 8-core chip.



IT House learned that this eye protection tablet uses a 10.5-inch monochrome HD RLCD fully reflective screen based on the principle of natural light reflection with zero harmful blue light. According to Hisense, the clear effect of this flat screen Display has not only been greatly improved, but also fundamentally solved the problem of dry eyes and fatigue caused by facing the Electronic screen for a long time.

In terms of hardware specifications, the Hisense Eye Protection Tablet Q5 has a built-in Tiger Ben T610 octa-core chip, is equipped with 4G+64G storage, has front and rear cameras, supports 4G full Netcom wireless network, and has a battery capacity of up to 5050mAh. Hisense Eye Protection Tablet Q5 is also deeply developed based on Android 10 in terms of experience and resources. It integrates more than 50 controls in 24 categories, and carries out special customized design. It supports anti-addiction functions such as usage time monitoring, and has built-in K12 teaching and auxiliary resources and famous teachers. In class, support listening and memorizing, reading and writing. The Hisense Eye Protection Tablet Q5 provides external eye protection lamps, Bluetooth keyboards and other optional accessories, with handwriting input, intelligent transcription, voice translation, and dual-screen collaboration functions.