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HiSilicon releases the first AR based on XR chip platform: supports 8K decoding capability

As we all know, Rokid also officially announced to join the XR chip platform of Arget=”_blank”>HiSilicon. Recently, HiSilicon officially released the XR chip platform, launching the first XR chip that can support 8K decoding capability, integrate GPU and NPU, and the first AR glasses based on this platform is Rokid Vision. It is reported that Rokid Vision will be used in security, industrial, Education, retail, exhibition and other fields, providing a more powerful, portable and immersive experience.

The official HiSilicon also explained more about this platform:

On the one hand, the XR chip platform supports 8K hard decoding capability, which can support up to 42.7PDD per eye.

Taking VR as an example, the ideal resolution that the human eye can achieve is about 60PPD (pixels per degree). Generally, a chip that supports 4KP60 decoding capability can support a single-eye resolution of 21.3PPD. Corresponding to a TV, it can only be equivalent to 480P. The TV Display effect is far from being comfortable and immersive. The XR chip released by HiSilicon this time has also been improved from the decoding ability to provide a clearer content presentation effect.

On the other hand, the platform adds HiSilicon’s proprietary architecture NPU, which can provide NPU computing power of up to 9TOPS.

An important application scenario of AR products is face recognition and license plate recognition, which requires real-time analysis of the video images collected by the AR glasses camera, correctly identifying the face and license plate in each frame of image, and uploading the recognized results to the The server performs the comparison and displays the comparison result on the screen in the glasses in real time. From image acquisition, analysis, uploading to Display, the shorter the time, the faster the speed, the better the user experience, and the analysis phase is the longest link in the entire link. If you want to achieve hundreds of people per minute To complete the analysis and recognition of faces and license plates in milliseconds, the chip needs the support of powerful NPU computing power. Based on this consideration, HiSilicon optimized the platform architecture.

As the first product of the HiSilicon XR chip platform, Rokid Vision is a core product of Rokid, a domestic AR startup. The field of view (FOV), 1080P 3D display effect, using the optical waveguide display solution, together with the stereo sound on both sides of the temples, can bring users an immersive experience equivalent to a 110-inch 3D high-definition TV 4 meters away.