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Huawei mobile phone prompts to intercept QQ to delete photos Tencent: delete cached pictures

IT House News on May 6th On the evening of May 5th, Tencent QQ officially released a note on individual users’ feedback that “Huawei mobile phone prompts to intercept QQ to delete photos”. It is currently negotiating with Huawei EMUI to optimize the experience.

A number of reading writers previously broke the news that the photos they saved to their mobile phones during the QQ group chat would be automatically and secretly deleted by the QQ software. It is said that only Android will be deleted, and iOS will not get permission.


According to the instructions released by Tencent QQ, according to the video provided by the user, the pictures saved in the system album have not been deleted, and still exist in the system album and have not been deleted. The pictures shown in the video intercepted and protected by the Huawei system are not pictures saved by the user in the mobile phone system, but temporarily cached pictures in QQ. When QQ saves files, in some Android models, it will first create a temporary empty file to test whether the current system is normal. When the picture is actually saved, the temporary empty file just now will be deleted, and then the real picture will be written. What Huawei intercepts is the act of deleting this temporary empty file.

IT House learned that Tencent QQ said that the intercepted image storage path is Tencent/QQ_Images/, and the temporary empty file for testing is in this directory, which is the directory created and used by QQ.