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Huawei TaiShan 200 server completes joint verification with Canonical Ubuntu Ceph

Recently, Huawei and Canonical, an open source operating system company, jointly announced that Huawei TaiShan 200 server has completed the testing and verification of the Ceph file storage solution on Ubuntu.

It is reported that Ceph is a unified, distributed storage file system designed to provide high-performance, high-reliability, and high-expansibility data storage solutions. The test and verification environment selected Huawei TaiShan 200 server and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS operating system. The test environment simulates the enterprise application scenario of the current rapid development of cloud computing and the surge in storage demand. The test results show that the functions and performance of Ceph on the TaiShan server and Ubuntu are exactly as expected.

The widespread adoption of cloud computing has made enterprises more and more demanding and used for enterprise cloud construction. The Huawei TaiShan 200 server uses the Huawei Kunpeng 920 processor, which is compatible with the ARM architecture. It features high performance, security, reliability, and an open ecosystem. It is suitable for high-performance data centers. Based on the integrated solution of Huawei TaiShan 200 server and Canonical Ubuntu, users can complete new environment deployment in the shortest time and quickly expand new computing and storage resources without worrying about performance, security and compatibility issues. Truly provide users with a highly reliable, fast automation, and a solution with good economic benefits.

Land Lu, Sales and Business Development Director of Canonical Asia Pacific, said: “The cooperation between Canonical and Huawei in the field of intelligent computing is advancing from the operating system level to the solution level. This successful cooperation in the field of Ceph will help Huawei’s intelligent computing customers Provide more solution options and more timely support services, thereby promoting better market performance of Huawei TaiShan servers.”

Lu Guang, general manager of Huawei’s intelligent computing TaiShan server domain, said: “Huawei has been committed to building an open, cooperative, and win-win ecological environment for a long time, and has continuously promoted industrial cooperation from the three levels of hardware, basic software and applications. TaiShan server is an An open computing platform that supports mainstream software in the industry. Huawei and Canonical have a long-term and in-depth cooperation in the computing field. This time, Huawei will join hands with Canonical again to create value for customers, and jointly promote the development of the Kunpeng ecosystem, expand the computing field, and embrace diversity. In the era of sexual computing, we will jointly build a win-win ecosystem.”

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