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Hurun Research Institute announced the top 10 consumer electronics companies in China, and the old PC giant Lenovo receded to the seventh place

Hurun Research Institute, a well-known research institute, announced the top 10 consumer electronics companies in China. The old PC giant Lenovo only ranked seventh, and the rising stars such as Xiaomi, vivo, OPPO, DJI and other companies are all ahead of it, and the brand value is higher than Lenovo. .

The data released by the Hurun Research Institute shows that Huawei is the giant of China’s consumer electronics companies, with a brand value of 1.1 trillion yuan, far ahead of other companies. The second-ranked Xiaomi brand value is 4,340 yuan. to half of Huawei.

Although Xiaomi’s brand value lags behind Huawei, it is still the most dazzling in this list. It is the youngest company in the top ten. Founded in 2010, it took only 9 years for it to become a global top 500 company. It is also one of the youngest and fastest-growing companies among the top 500 companies in the world.

Vivo and OPPO are regarded as BBK companies, ranking third and fourth respectively, but their brand value lags far behind Xiaomi. Their brand values ​​are 175 billion yuan and 170 billion yuan respectively, which is only about 40% of Xiaomi’s. .

DJI ranked fifth with a brand value of 100 billion yuan; once again it was Transsion. The seventh place is Lenovo. Lenovo’s brand value is only 54 billion yuan. As an old-fashioned consumer electronics company, Lenovo’s ranking is so behind.

It can be seen from this list that five of the top ten companies on the list are mobile phone companies. This may be because the mobile phone industry is one of the largest industries in the world. In 2019, the sales volume of mobile phones in the global market exceeded 1.4 billion. Mobile phones are becoming more and more closely related to people’s lives, especially in the Chinese market. Since mobile payments, entertainment, and transportation are all used in mobile phones, it can be said that mobile phones have become a multi-functional tool for daily necessities.

The top four domestic mobile phone companies, Huami Ouwei, are among the top four in terms of brand value, probably because they are closely related to the future of the consumer market. With the advent of the 5G era, the Internet of Things is about to emerge, and these four mobile phone companies have already Deploying the Internet of Things, the size of the Internet of Things market is estimated to be as high as trillions, which provides a lot of imagination for their future.

In contrast, Lenovo, the earliest established company in the top ten, can’t seem to find a new development direction. Its largest source of business income is the PC business, and the scale of the PC industry is much smaller than that of mobile phones; Lenovo’s other two The two businesses are mobile phone and server business, which are not dominant in the industry; more importantly, it has failed to gain a foothold in many emerging industries that are regarded as the future, which makes people worry about its future.

In fact, in terms of revenue, Lenovo’s revenue is higher than that of Xiaomi, vivo, and OPPO. In 2019, its revenue was as high as 389.2 billion yuan, about 90% higher than Xiaomi’s. In terms of revenue, it is still a leader in China’s technology industry. Big Mac companies, Xiaomi and OV are still far behind.

In the past few years, various analysis agencies have been quite optimistic about Lenovo. This report from the Hurun Research Institute has become another analysis report that is unfavorable to Lenovo. I hope these analysis reports will wake up Lenovo as soon as possible.

It provides an opportunity to find new business early and get out of this gloomy predicament.