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In the era of internal circulation, CITE 2020 leads key areas first

Today’s world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century, with rising protectionism, a downturn in the world economy and a shrinking global market in the external environment, “dual circulation” and “internal circulation” have become the countermeasures. General Secretary Xi Jinping has emphasized many times, “We must gradually form a new development pattern with the domestic cycle as the main body and the domestic and international dual cycles mutually promoting each other.” For the Electronic information industry, to fully tap the domestic market potential and speed up key core technology research, Driving the domestic cycle and adding impetus to economic development has become a top priority.

CITE2020 actively responds to the adjustment of the national economic strategy, aims at the domestic market, integrates the entire electronic information industry chain, and focuses on 5G and Internet of Things, smart home, artificial intelligence, intelligent network connection and new energy vehicles, intelligent manufacturing and robots, big data and storage, integration Circuits and other industrial hotspots, with the theme of “innovative sharing, open cooperation”, will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from August 14th to 16th, 2020, to drive internal circulation and create new advantages for future development.

Key areas first, key industries to drive

The promotion of domestic circulation is inseparable from the efforts of key areas and key industries, and the electronic information industry bears the brunt. The electronic information industry has a long upstream and downstream chain, a high degree of refinement, and a high degree of dependence on the supply chain system. As my country’s authoritative electronic information industry platform, CITE 2020 has the largest Display and release, the most valuable industrial exchange, and the most effective market promotion, making it play a pivotal role in promoting the industry itself and the overall economic development.

CITE 2020 integrates the entire electronic information industry chain, links up and down, and circulates smoothly, showing the resilience and strength of the industry, and accumulating stronger development potential. The smart home exhibition area where TCL, Hisense, Skyworth, and Dell are located showcases “Smart Home, Smart Share, Smart Future”; Huawei and Quectel bring 5G to start a smart life in the 5G era; smart network connectivity and new energy vehicles are vehicles Empowering, Boshijie Technology and Youwei Information bring more “smart” intelligent connected vehicles; Purdue and Candela staged the black technology of robots, opening up a new pattern of future mobile robots; the integrated circuit industry, as the mainstay of the electronic information industry, Chip companies such as Tsinghua Unigroup and Montage Technology undertake the historical mission of technological innovation and independent control; Amethyst Storage and Sugon are committed to developing big data storage and providing technical support for greater demand; Royole Technology, Longteng Optoelectronics , Visionox and other industry leaders have joined hands to create a new display industry cluster. CITE 2020 brings together nearly 1,000 leading companies in sub-sectors, gathers the power of the entire electronic information industry, and opens the way for internal circulation.

CITE 2020 promotes domestic demand in the era of internal circulation

In the era of internal circulation, relying on a complete manufacturing industry chain to establish China’s economic circle has become an inevitable way, and domestic substitution in the field of science and technology has become the top priority. At the same time, internal circulation is inseparable from stimulating consumption. CITE 2020 satisfies two conditions at the same time. On the one hand, the process of localization is inseparable from the electronic information industry. As the leading electronic information industry exposition in China, CITE 2020 will focus on displaying the latest development achievements of the new generation of information technology industry and leading the supply of information technology industry. On the other hand, CITE 2020 brings together both the supply and demand sides, with nearly a thousand exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors face to face, on-site investment and financing procurement, promoting cooperation, stimulating consumption, stimulating domestic demand, and helping to seize new opportunities in the electronic information industry.

CITE 2020 integrates upstream and downstream enterprises in the electronic information industry, bringing together terminal product manufacturers, electronic production service providers, component suppliers, component/system suppliers, production equipment suppliers, material suppliers, financial investment, start-up companies, scientific research institutions, Industrial parks, public administration agencies, media and other resources are effectively activated and organically integrated to provide a centralized, efficient and high-yield supply and demand platform.

At the same time, CITE2020 invites industry authoritative experts and top entrepreneurs to talk about innovation and seek the future together. The opening forum, the electronic information industry entrepreneur summit, the gold award of the 8th China Electronic Information Expo, as well as the display industry, Internet of vehicles, 5G, robots, wisdom More than 50 topics such as family, artificial intelligence, big data storage, etc., and nearly 100 technical summits and forums, gather top power to carry out brainstorming, and demonstrate the benchmarking role of the largest exhibition in China’s electronic information industry.

As the basic pillar industry of the national economy, the electronic information industry is the foundation and blood of the development of many downstream industries, and a key part of stabilizing the economy, ensuring employment, and seeking development. CITE2020 builds a one-stop, comprehensive display platform, as a resource integration and empowerment platform for the electronic information industry, helps seize new opportunities in the electronic information industry, and accelerates the development and upgrading of the entire electronic information industry chain. The opening of CITE2020 is imminent, which will bring confidence to the entire electronic information industry in the era of internal circulation, create a new path for the future development of the industry, promote more sustainable growth potential with industrial chain optimization and upgrading, and promote “dual circulation” with “internal circulation”.

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