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Incentivizing Innovation to Release Value: Intel AI100 Innovation Incentive Program Builds an AI Innovation Ecosystem

October 17, 2019, Beijing – Today, at the 2019 Intel Innovation Accelerator AI Partner Summit held in Beijing, Intel and partners launched the second phase of the “Intel AI100 Innovation Incentive Program” (“AI100 Program”) . The AI100 plan with the theme of “Inspiring Top 100 Innovations and Accelerating the Industry of 100 Billion” is another important measure for Intel to continue to build an AI innovation ecosystem, and it is also a further expansion and deepening of the “Intel Artificial Intelligence Innovation Incentive Plan”. Based on its comprehensive and complete artificial intelligence product portfolio and its unique advantages in software and hardware collaborative innovation, Intel has cooperated with industrial ecological partners to gather all-round resources such as technology, capital, ecology, market and industry to help 100 outstanding artificial intelligence innovators. The entrepreneurial team optimizes products and solutions, provides comprehensive innovation acceleration for the growth and expansion of the team, promotes the deep integration of artificial intelligence and industry, and promotes the ecological development of artificial intelligence and the implementation of intelligent applications.

Previously, Intel launched the first phase of the “Intel Artificial Intelligence Innovation Incentive Program” at the end of 2018, attracting nearly 100 high-quality artificial intelligence projects to participate in the fierce competition. After dozens of technical experts and industry leaders, 12 innovative and entrepreneurial teams stood out, with projects covering smart cities, smart factories, smart healthcare, smart security, smart retail, smart education and smart finance. Important application areas, among which many excellent teams have already implemented applications and started to implement deployment. For example: Shenzhen Kunyun Information Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing artificial intelligence acceleration solutions for the Internet of Things. Applications in smart city, security, industry and other fields have been implemented; Beijing Xiansheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is deeply engaged in the field of smart education, focusing on the deep integration of AI technology and teaching scenarios, and upgrading traditional education models; Ruishi Zhijue (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. , focusing on computer vision applications of artificial intelligence and chip-level acceleration technology, providing image information analysis and system services. In the more than 7 months of in-depth docking, Intel provided the selected artificial intelligence innovation teams with multi-dimensional support such as project technical consultation, investment and financing docking, technical guidance, market promotion, and development cost subsidies, and jointly created a unique solution for them. Landed solutions allow products to expand to more and wider markets.

Li Desheng, Managing Director of Intel China’s Strategic Cooperation and Innovation Business Unit and Head of Intel Innovation Accelerator

Li Desheng, managing director of Intel China’s strategic cooperation and innovation business department and head of Intel’s innovation accelerator, said: “Intel is not only a technology company with innovative genes, but also a company that continues to promote the healthy evolution of the industrial ecology. With its own transformation , Intel is accelerating the pace of data-centric innovation in the intelligent interconnected world, building a future-oriented industrial ecology, and promoting application breakthroughs and implementations based on transformative technologies such as artificial intelligence. .We will provide a more comprehensive and in-depth acceleration for the artificial intelligence innovation ecosystem with our unique cloud-to-end technical advantages and the ability and experience to link upstream and downstream industries.”

Liang Yali, General Manager of the Industry Solutions Department of Intel Corporation Marketing Group China, said: “The application scenarios of artificial intelligence are diverse and complex. To promote the breakthrough and implementation of artificial intelligence applications, a complete solution is required. Intel provides comprehensive products from computing to networking to storage. Through the “AI100 Plan”, Intel will fully empower excellent innovation teams with its own innovation strength and extensive industry resources, help them solve the pain points of AI application, and accelerate the application of AI in AI. Landing in different business scenarios.”

The “Intel AI100 Innovation Incentive Program” will select more than 100 outstanding AI innovation teams in stages and in batches, and the fields of application include but are not limited to education, medical care, retail, finance, industry and other application fields. And provide them with technical guidance, development cost subsidies, marketing, ecological docking and other aspects of support, including:

Technical guidance: Intel will provide the innovation team with technical guidance such as cutting-edge chips, tools, and software optimization, discuss with the team about specific implementation cooperation projects, and provide professional advice on the technical bottlenecks encountered by the innovation team in the product development process. At the same time, Intel will also hold technical seminars to provide artificial intelligence-related technical training for innovation teams, as well as regular development process docking, so as to solve the problems encountered in the actual product landing and accelerate the development of high-quality projects.

Development cost subsidy: Intel will provide partial development cost subsidies to provide appropriate financial assistance to innovation teams to accelerate the technical optimization and improvement of innovation projects.

Marketing: Intel will provide selected AI companies with customized brand promotion solutions to help innovative companies create more brand value, including but not limited to exhibitions that provide international platforms, in-depth exposure of professional technology media, and marketing promotion opportunities .

Ecological docking: Intel provides industrial ecological resource docking for entrepreneurial teams to help partners effectively connect with industry customers; at the same time, Intel invites partners to participate in Intel ecological docking conferences to obtain more cooperation opportunities. Some outstanding teams will have the opportunity to be invited to join the annual Intel Solution Partner Advisor Council (SPAC).

In the future vision of AI ubiquity, Intel’s AI strategy can meet the needs of a variety of AI applications. Intel focuses on three aspects of hardware, software and ecological cooperation: In terms of hardware, Intel provides a diversified hardware product portfolio and computing integration platform to meet the needs of different workloads from cloud to edge to devices; in terms of software, Intel provides a series of A general tool set to help users maximize the use of hardware and continuously optimize and improve deep learning performance; at the same time, Intel shares its experience and innovations in various fields with customers and partners by creating an extensive ecosystem and close partnership cooperation , comprehensively promote the integration of AI and all walks of life, explore more AI application scenarios, and promote application breakthroughs.