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Innolux G070Y3-T01

#G070Y3-T01 Innolux G070Y3-T01 New 7.0 inch Panel New A+ Grade, G070Y3-T01 pictures, G070Y3-T01 price, #G070Y3-T01 supplier


7" TFT G070Y3-T01. 7.0" WVGA (800×480 pixels) resolution with a LED backlight unit and a 50-pin-and-1ch-TTL interface 262.144 (6 bits) full color. G070Y3-T01 Inverter, G070Y3-T01 power supply, G070Y3-T01 electronic board, G070Y3-T01 VGA board, G070Y3-T01 touchscreen available.