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Intel admits it will take at least two years to catch up with rivals

At a recent Morgan Stanley conference, Intel Chief Financial Officer George Davis told investors that he admitted that it had fallen behind several competitors and that it would take at least two years to catch up.

Currently, Intel is still working on improving its 10nm manufacturing process, while rival TSMC is ready for the 7nm process and is moving in the direction of 5nm. Davis said this difference in process means 10nm processor capacity.

“As we said at our analyst day on May 19 last year, this is not the glory days of Intel. We have a lot less production capacity than 14nm, even lower than 22nm, but we are very excited to see various Improvements, we expect to enter the 7nm era and provide better performance by the end of 2021.”

Intel aims to address its lack of performance through platform-level improvements, including tight hardware integration in AI and software. Intel hopes to catch up with TSMC by the end of 2021, but the company doesn’t stop there, and the company hopes to adopt a 3nm structure by the end of 2022.