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Israeli chip giant Gota Semiconductor licenses Xperi Semiconductor’s interconnect technology

The world’s largest licensing company Xperi and Israeli chip giant Tower semiconductor jointly announced on June 10 that Tower Semiconductor has licensed Invensas ZiBond and DBI3D semiconductor interconnect technology. This technology will complement some of the latter’s deficiencies in BSI image sensors, industrial global shutters, and 300mm and 200mm wafer CMOS image sensors. In addition, High Tower Semiconductor will also use Invensas to expand the application field of 3D integration technology, including memory and MEMS devices.

Avi Strum, Senior Vice President and Sensors Business Unit Manager, Tower Semiconductor, said, “Tower Semiconductor is in a period of rapid expansion, and Xperi’s leadership in direct and hybrid bonding technologies enables us to better support the rapidly growing company customer base. Demand. 3D stacking architecture and integration is at the heart of our strategy to deliver high-value, proven analog semiconductor solutions to our customers, including event-driven and time-of-flight (ToF) sensors for automotive, industrial and high-end photography applications.”

With the recent release of a complete hybrid bonding design package from Tall Towers, the company’s customers can now develop their products on two different wafers—an imaging die and a mixed-signal CMOS die, both of which can be stacked with electrical connections, The pixel size can be reduced from 10um for direct time-of-flight and event-driven sensors to 2.5um or even lower, and is often used in mobile ToF in face recognition programs. This separation of the two wafers greatly increases the operating speed of CMOS circuits due to the illuminance and extremely low dark current on the side of the imaging wafer, which also allows for very high sensitivity pixels. The tower’s unique platform is also more compatible with epiwafers of varying thicknesses that are used to enhance NIR sensitivity.

Craig Mitchell, President of Invensas, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xperi, said: “We believe that Tower Semiconductor will continue to strengthen its image as a global industry leader and a trusted partner. Our ZiBond and DBI technologies support the manufacture of a wide range of devices. We It is also a pleasure to work with Tower Semiconductor to be able to deploy our foundational 3D integration technology into a new range of sensors, particularly time-of-flight sensors, which we expect will be increasingly used in automotive and other industrial applications middle.”

3D semiconductors are expected to set off a new wave of applications in the automotive, industrial, IoT, edge computing and consumer device markets due to their smaller, thinner and higher performance. And Invensas has made fundamental advances in the semiconductor packaging and interconnect technologies necessary to fabricate 3D stacked chips to meet size and performance requirements.