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It can be called a new species in the mobile phone industry, and I kneel to the gods such as Huawei MateXs

On the evening of February 24th, Beijing time, Huawei released a new generation of folding screen mobile phone, Huawei MateXs, in Barcelona, ​​Spain through an online live broadcast. At present, the machine has officially started pre-sale in the domestic market, and will be officially launched at 10:08 am on March 5, priced at 16,999 yuan.

Compared with the previous generation of folding screen products, Huawei MateXs has three major upgrades: First, the folding form is innovative. The entire hinge system uses a variety of special materials and special production processes, including zirconium-based liquid metal, which greatly improves the strength of the hinge. The hardness is 30% higher than that of titanium alloys; the second is the leading 5G connection experience, and the Kirin 990 5G is Huawei’s current flagship chip, which supports 5G dual-mode full Netcom and dual-card dual-standby; the third is based on the EMUI10 operating system. screen, smart split screen to parallel horizon, bringing an immersive and efficient interactive experience in the whole scene. In particular, its interaction ability shows its completely different human-computer interaction efficiency and operational pleasure from traditional mobile phones.

Huawei MateXs has two forms, folded and unfolded. Users can flexibly switch between mobile phones and tablets according to their needs. The folded state becomes a 6.6-inch and 6.38-inch dual-screen mobile phone, while the unfolded state becomes an 8-inch full-screen “tablet”. Especially under the 8-inch large screen, it can present a different wonderful vision, making the daily mobile office and audio-visual entertainment experience such as information reading, email reply, web browsing, document writing, online shopping, and video watching different from the past.

The most impressive thing is that Huawei MateXs brings a unique folding screen interactive experience. For example, in the daily mobile office and entertainment process, it is often necessary to perform multitasking, such as receiving WeChat prompts when replying to emails. The traditional method is to switch the APP application interface, which is cumbersome and reduces efficiency. Huawei MateXs realizes the smart split-screen function through EMUI10. Use the back gesture in the side split-screen shortcut bar to pause for a while, and you can quickly realize the application split-screen, and the two screens Display different application content. It also supports the floating window micro-processing of the third application. After completing the micro-task processing, the user can quickly return to the initial task. That is to say, Huawei MateXs supports simultaneous operation of three tasks, which greatly improves efficiency.

There is also Huawei’s original “parallel horizon” function. Users can open the two-level task interface of the same application and make full use of the large screen space.

Whether it is a split-screen function or a parallel horizon, Huawei MateXs supports direct drag and drop of pictures, text, videos and other files between the left and right screens for fast transmission. For example, run Huawei Gallery and Huawei Memo at the same time, drag the pictures in the gallery directly into the memo for editing, or directly drag the text of the memo into the software for processing.

At present, Huawei is working with developers to create the first open ecological alliance for folding screen applications. After a year of deep cultivation of the folding ecology, Huawei has truly opened up the folding form and folding ecology, and maximized the advantages of folding screen mobile phones. In the future, more applications will be adapted to Huawei MateXs to experience the adaptation and improvement of the interactive experience from small screens to large screens. Huawei MateXs has a higher human-computer interaction efficiency and operational pleasure. Compared with ordinary mobile phones, it is already a completely new and different species. If you are interested in this new folding screen phone, you may wish to go to Huawei Mall and major authorized e-commerce companies to make an appointment!

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