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Lenovo Lingtuo has passed ISO9001/14001/27001 three management system certifications, and its quality environment and information security management capabilities have reached the international advanced level

Recently, Lenovo Lingtuo Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Lenovo Lingtuo”), a leading intelligent data management solution and service provider dedicated to driving Chinese companies to release their data potential and accelerate digital transformation, successfully passed the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management System and three international certifications of ISO27001 information security management system. This is another international authoritative certification that Lenovo Lingtuo has obtained in terms of quality, environment, and information security management after obtaining the CMMI level 5 assessment certification. It marks the design, development, sales and service of the data management system of Lenovo Lingtuo. It has established an internationally leading quality, environment, and information security management system, and has the management level to provide better products and services to the market.


Lenovo Lingtuo has passed ISO9001/14001/27001 three management system certifications, and its quality environment and information security management capabilities have reached the international advanced level

ISO management system certification is an internationally recognized mature, authoritative, widely accepted and applied system certification standard, and an important symbol of the advancement, modernization and compliance of enterprise management and technical services. The scope of this ISO system certification covers the system software design, development, sales and service of Lenovo Lingtuo data center series products (storage products) and the sales and service of data center series products (storage products). After being audited and certified by an authoritative certification body, Beijing Saixi Certification Co., Ltd., Lenovo Lingtuo successfully obtained three ISO management system certifications.

Among them, the ISO9001 quality management system certification shows that Lenovo Lingtuo has reached international standards in the integration of various management systems, and can continue to provide Chinese companies with qualified products that meet expectations and satisfaction; the ISO14001 environmental management system certification proves that Lenovo Lingtuo has Provide environmental assurance capabilities for products or services in accordance with established environmental protection standards and regulatory requirements; ISO27001 information security management system certification effectively confirms the reliability of Lenovo Lingtuo in the field of information security, and its information system is in a state of supervision and improvement. As the basis and credibility of Lenovo Lingtuo to enhance information security, it is a strong guarantee for Lenovo Lingtuo to provide information security commitments to customers and stakeholders.

Lu Daxin, CEO of Lenovo Lingtuo, said: “In the era of digital economy, with the continuous deepening of the value of data, the concept of enterprise IT resource organization is constantly updated, and all industries are undergoing digital and intelligent transformation, which also affects enterprise data management. , Resource management puts forward new requirements. For this reason, based on the concept of Data Fabric, Lenovo Lingtuo puts forward a new concept of Resources Fabric (integrated resource management) to guide technological innovation and the construction of product and service systems, and provide the Chinese market with More innovative, rich and complete solutions, empower all walks of life to realize intelligent changes. The three ISO management system certifications are milestone significance for Lenovo Lingtuo, which is not only for our quality, environment and safety management construction The authoritative certification in this respect is also a high recognition of our practice of the Resource Fabric concept. This gives us more confidence in helping Chinese companies build a new type of IT infrastructure, and promote faster and more in-depth digital intelligence transformation.”

Based on the new Resources Fabric concept, Lenovo Lingtuo has continued to innovate in data management and resource management, developed and designed new products and technologies, launched the completely independent research and development of distributed storage ThinkSystem DXN series, and released the Lenovo DXL object storage series And based on the parent company NetApp’s superior technology Project Astra container management platform and other products and technologies, we have built a rich product line and achieved seamless and full coverage of the new IT infrastructure. At the same time, in terms of services, Lenovo Lingtuo has established a remote, centralized, standardized and intelligent service system with the service culture of “customer-focused” as the core, providing customers with end-to-end technical support services throughout the life cycle.

In the future, Lenovo Lingtuo will continue to focus on the needs of the Chinese market, continuously improve its own technical strength and standardize management, apply the relevant ISO management system certification standards to every aspect of the company, and launch data management products that are more suitable for the development of the Chinese market. And solutions, use continuous standardization and advanced management to empower customers and partners to realize smart data and build a smart world.

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