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Lithography machine giant ASML announces Q2 results: net profit of 1 billion euros

IT Home, July 21 news, according to the Financial Association, Dutch lithography equipment manufacturer ASML (ASML) recently announced its second quarter 2021 financial report.

The financial report shows that Asim’s net profit in the second quarter was 1 billion euros, and the market expected it to be 1.211 billion euros. Asmar expects net revenues of 5.2 billion to 5.4 billion Euros in the third quarter, and the market is estimated to be 4.69 billion Euros. Asmar will also increase its full-year revenue growth target by approximately 35%.

In addition, ASM also announced a share repurchase program of up to 9 billion euros.

IT Home understands that Asim is one of the world’s largest semiconductor equipment manufacturers, and it is also the second-largest high-tech company in Europe in terms of scientific research funding per capita.

Asimer provides leading comprehensive key equipment, especially lithography machines, to global complex integrated circuit manufacturers. Its TWINSCAN series is currently the world’s highest precision, highest production efficiency, and most widely used high-end lithography models.

At present, most semiconductor manufacturers in the world purchase TWINSCAN models from Asmarck, such as Intel, Samsung, TSMC, and SMIC.

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