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MiR autonomous mobile robots released the first IP52 rated new products MiR600 and MiR1350

Mobile Industrial Robots (hereinafter referred to as: MiR), the leader in the global mobile robot market, today released new autonomous mobile robots (Autonomous Mobile Robot “AMR”) products with a load capacity of 600 kg and 1,350 kg, respectively. MiR600 AMR and MiR1350 AMR. The new products are the first industrial robots on the market to achieve an Ingress Protection52 (IP52) rating. IP52 represents the protection level achieved by the two products, which can prevent the entry of dust and water droplets, protect the components in good condition, and are suitable for extremely challenging and even harsh industrial environments. Equipped with industrial-grade components and cables, both products have a long service life, are easy to maintain, and are easy to operate. They can be used in factories, warehouses, logistics centers, and other materials handling tasks such as heavy weight and large volume pallets.

Sören E. Nielsen, President of Autonomous Mobile Robots at MiR, said: “Customers wanting to transport heavier loads tested AMRs in factories and found that successfully investing in deploying large numbers of robots for core production requires extremely high reliability, safety and product quality. MiR’s powerful new industrial robot meets these requirements and facilitates direct integration into existing production and workflows.”

The world’s first AMR to obtain IP52 waterproof and dustproof level certification

MiR600 AMR and MiR1350 AMR are the first two AMR products on the market to obtain IP52 rating. The IP rating is an international standard for measuring the dust and water resistance of equipment. This feature ensures that the two robots can maintain stable operation in extremely challenging and disturbing environments, ensuring zero downtime of the production line and maintaining efficient operation.

AMR aiming to achieve the highest level of safety for driverless industrial vehicles

In addition, the design of the two new products is based on the latest EU safety standard for driverless industrial vehicles – ISO 3691-4. Like other AMR products under MiR, MiR600 and MiR1350 can move smoothly and stably in noisy human-machine mixed-flow environment and navigate autonomously. The two AMRs are equipped with multi-sensors, 3D cameras, and advanced laser scanners, and the robots have a 360-degree field of view FoV to ensure safe operation.

New products enrich existing AMR options and improve the application of MiR production lines in all scenarios

With the addition of two new products, MiR currently has a total of seven AMR products with different load levels, ranging from the lightest 100kg to the 1,350kg released today, which can meet the needs of multi-industry production lines and all scenarios. use. The MiR600 AMR and MiR1350 AMR are especially suitable for handling large volumes of materials, including in loading and unloading workshops or platforms, production assembly workshops, warehouses, and material distribution areas. At the same time, through the out-of-the-box tool platform MiRGo, MiR has equipped a variety of jacking devices for the MiR600 AMR and MiR1350 AMR, which can refine the product functions and enable them to complete the loading and unloading of transport pallets, shelves, etc.

Zhang Yu, Sales Director of MiR Autonomous Mobile Robot China, said: “We will bring our AMR product matrix, which is known for its safety, to the 2021 China International Industry Fair, and selected the Chinese market as the place where MiR1350 AMR will be exhibited for the first time. MiR will cooperate with UR Collaborative robots will jointly participate in the exhibition, integrate innovation, and achieve a win-win future. Welcome to the MiR/UR joint booth in Hall 8.1, and look forward to sharing new products with the industry and exploring more possibilities for the application of top modules.”

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