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Mouser and ADI Host Next-Generation Highly Integrated Dual-Wavelength Smoke Sensor Webinar

【Introduction】March 29, 2022 – Mouser Electronics, a distributor of Electronic components focused on introducing new products to drive industry innovation™, announced that it will join hands with Analog Devices to hold a conference on March 30 from 14:00-15:30 with the theme of Live webinar on “Securing Property – Next Generation Highly Integrated Dual Wavelength Smoke Sensors”. At that time, technical experts from Analog Devices will share the knowledge of smoke detector scheme design with the audience, helping engineers shorten the product design cycle and speed up product launch.

In fire prevention, smoke detectors can send alarm signals to the alarm controller by monitoring early smoke, which can reduce fire casualties and property losses. It is widely used in various fire alarm systems and intelligent building intelligent systems. . With the improvement of people’s awareness of safety precautions, the performance requirements of smoke detection systems are also getting higher and higher, and smaller, more accurate and more responsive smoke detectors are needed to meet more monitoring conditions of buildings. ADPD188BI is a chip for smoke detectors launched by Analog Devices. It adopts optical dual-wavelength technology for a complete photometric system for smoke detection and adopts a customized package. Its highly integrated design makes the chip size smaller and built-in dual light sources emit light. The device can better identify disturbances such as water vapor, dust, etc. This seminar will bring engineers the design process based on the ADPD188BI smoke detector solution. Combined with the product advantages of this chip, we will discuss the future development direction of smoke detectors with you, which will help engineers learn and understand the key technologies of smoke alarm systems. Design smoke detectors and system solutions with superior performance.

“The fast and accurate response of a smoke detection system is critical to improving building safety,” said Jiping Tian, ​​Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Asia Pacific, Mouser Electronics. “It is important for engineers to use high-performance smoke detection in compliance with new smoke regulations. It can improve the accuracy and reliability of its designed products, and it is more in line with the favor of the market. In order to let engineers have a deep understanding of the working principle of photoelectric smoke detectors, Mouser Electronics specially invited technical experts from Analog Devices, Share the design ideas of Analog Devices’ highly integrated smoke detector chip ADPD188BI, so that engineers can learn relevant technical knowledge to help design a high-efficiency smoke detection system to meet customer requirements for products that can cope with various emergencies. need.”

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