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Mouser Electronics offers more than 41,000 Littelfuse components, and new products are waiting for you to choose

【Introduction】August 5, 2022 – Mouser Electronics, an authorized global distributor of semiconductor and Electronic components focused on introducing new products, is an authorized global distributor of Littelfuse solutions. As an industrial technology manufacturing company, Littelfuse is committed to creating a sustainable, connected and safer world. Mouser offers more than 41,000 components from Littelfuse and its companies (IXYS, IXYS Integrated Circuits, Zilog, Hartland Controls, and Carling Technologies), including new circuit protection devices, sensors, terminals, and more, and continues to join the design chain through supply The new product of Chain™ provides users with more choices.

Listed below are several new Littelfuse offerings from Mouser:

● Littelfuse Xtreme Series Radial Leaded Varistors are designed for applications requiring high surge energy/current absorption and multiple surge pulse withstand capabilities. This series of varistors can operate up to +125°C and feature high energy absorption ratings from 9.5J to 880J.

● Littelfuse DCN Series High Current High Voltage DC Contact Relays enable design engineers to integrate high voltage relay switches into a variety of high current, high voltage applications. DCN series relays feature continuous current carrying from 30A to 500A and voltage ratings up to 1800V.

● PSX Powr-Speed® Square Fuses are ultra-fast-acting fuses designed to protect DC applications such as battery energy storage systems and photovoltaic inverters. This series of fuses provides high speed performance up to 1500VDC and is suitable for current ranges from 80A to 1400A.

● Hartland Controls HCC series single-pole and double-pole special contactors use one wire to control the direction of current flow. This series of contactors are available with one pole normally open (with or without shunt), or two poles normally open.

Mouser won the 2021 Global Distributor of Quality Service Award, the 11th time for the fifth consecutive year and the 11th time for Mouser to receive this honor, demonstrating Mouser’s superior strength as an excellent distributor. Littelfuse’s Outstanding Service Distributor of the Year Awards are based on a combination of distributor performance metrics, including overall sales growth, key product sales, growth in the number of customers served, and the quantity and quality of creative customer-facing marketing campaigns .

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As an Authorized Distributor Worldwide, Mouser Electronics stocks an extensive inventory of semiconductors and electronic components and supports Ready Ship™. Mouser aims to supply customers with fully certified OEM products with full manufacturer traceability. To help customers accelerate their designs, the Mouser website provides a rich library of technical resources, including technical resource centers, product data sheets, vendor-specific reference designs, application notes, technical design information, design tools, and other useful information.

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Littelfuse (NASDAQ: LFUS) is an industrial technology manufacturing company committed to creating a sustainable, connected and safer world. With 17,000 employees in more than 15 countries around the world, we work with customers to design and deliver innovative, reliable solutions. Our products span the industrial, transportation and electronics end markets, serving more than 100,000 end customers—everywhere, every moment. For more information, visit