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NC& acquires all shares of nextchi, a semiconductor manufacturing subsidiary, to support its normal operations

On March 5, NC&, a KOSDAQ-listed company, announced that it would acquire about 827,385 shares of nextchip, a semiconductor manufacturing subsidiary, for a purchase price of about 5.1 billion won.

NC& said that the purpose of the acquisition is to support the subsidiary’s R&D expenses and other operating funds. After the acquisition is completed, NC&’s shareholding in nextchip will reach 100%, and the scheduled acquisition date is 6 days.

According to the data, nextchip was established in 1997 and listed in South Korea in 2007. nextchip is a company specializing in the semiconductor design of video security systems. Its characteristics are that its products involve the core semiconductors in the CCTV monitor, DVR, and SoC series product lines, not only semiconductors that produce a certain part of the surveillance system, and also play a role in the global market. dominant position.