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ON Semiconductor: Smart Sensors Drive the Rapid Development of Industrial Automation

In 2021, with the implementation of “new infrastructure” and the promotion of policies such as “carbon peaking” and “carbon neutrality”, the entire economy and society will have a deeper understanding of “science and technology are the primary productive forces”. As a huge industry that can cover all aspects of B-end production and C-end consumption, the Internet of Things has also ushered in new opportunities for development.

At the 16th IOTE International Internet of Things Exhibition held from October 23rd to 25th, OFweek went to the booth of ON semiconductor to visit and exchange, in addition to in-depth understanding of the innovative exhibits brought by ON Semiconductor in this exhibition , and further understand the development and layout of ON Semiconductor in the current industrial market.

Smart sensors drive the rapid development of industrial automation

As a sensing device, the sensor can acquire and detect information, which is the technical basis for automatic detection and system control. Some information and data need to be acquired in the daily scientific research and production process, and they all need to be acquired by sensors. The principle of the sensor is to convert the signal into electrical signal and optical signal and transmit it. At present, the application of common types of sensors has been very extensive. With the development of industrial automation technology and scenarios, the demand for sensors is also increasing. Intelligent sensors can effectively collect data from various production links and feed them back to the control center in time. Intervention is carried out in abnormal links to ensure the normal progress of industrial production.

Kai Lijun, Application Manager, Industrial Consumption Division, Intelligent Sensing Department, ON Semiconductor

At this exhibition, ON Semiconductor brought a variety of sensor solutions such as 2.3 million pixel CMOS global shutter imaging sensor AR0234CS, 5 million pixel XGS image sensor, VGA global shutter imaging sensor and so on. According to Kai Lijun, application manager of the Industrial Consumption Division of the Intelligent Sensing Department of ON Semiconductor, AR0234CS is the highlight product of this exhibition, with high dynamic range and innovative pixel design, providing 120 frames per second ( 120 frames per second) for machine vision cameras and autonomous mobile robots ( fps) excellent image clarity. AR0234CS has 3.0um global shutter pixels, leading global shutter efficiency to minimize motion artifacts. Secondly, the product supports 4Lane MIPI or 10bit parallel interface, as well as I2C serial interface, so that it can realize simple direct data transmission with back-end platform, reducing development cost and development cycle. In addition, the product can operate at -40°C to 105°C, which can be deployed under extremely harsh commercial conditions. The product has been mass-produced and is widely used in industrial production line scanning, robot vision and other application scenarios.

ON Semiconductor also exhibited the advanced global shutter imaging, XGS series image sensors with high performance, low noise and low power consumption. As can be seen from the solutions displayed on site, in the X-Cube reference design based on the XGS 5000, the XGS 5000 is a 5.3-megapixel (2592 x 2048) CMOS image sensor, using a 2/3-inch optical format, supporting a maximum per second 132 frames (fps) readout with 12-bit output at full resolution. The XGS 5000 shares a common design and layout with other members of the XGS family, enabling one camera design to support multiple resolutions, simplifying and accelerating time-to-market for new camera designs.

It is worth noting that the products brought by ON Semiconductor also support 4K resolution sensors, and the products support RGB, MONO, and RGBIR different types of color filter arrays. The product’s low power consumption performance is leading in the industry. Among them, AP1302 ISP is used to support the development of Easy & Short TTM imaging system, which can be applied to 4K high-performance video conferencing, low-power IOT applications, security cameras, smart access control/door locks, etc. In addition, the audience can preview a 1/8-inch CMOS digital image sensor – ARX383, 2.8um pixel, resolution of 640 x 480, 120fps. Features a new innovative global shutter pixel design optimized for fast and accurate capture of moving scenes. Kai Lijun said that this small-sized, feature-rich device is designed for high performance while ensuring low-power operation, making it ideal for barcode scanning, AR/VR pose tracking, and industrial cameras.

How to innovate smart building solutions in the IoT era?

At the booth, OFweek also saw ON Semiconductor’s innovative product that won the 2021 16th “IOTE Gold Award” – the RSL10 intelligent shooting camera platform. According to Yang Xuefang, senior application engineer of ON Semiconductor’s Industrial Solutions Division, the RSL10 smart camera platform combines cloud AI with ultra-low power image capture and recognition, and sensor-based event-triggered imaging. Using the RSL10 smart camera platform, developers can create an endpoint that automatically sends images to the cloud for analysis when triggered by various elements such as time or environmental changes such as light or temperature.

The advantage of this camera platform is that it can work in a low-power mode while monitoring a specific part of its field of view and automatically capture images when the content of the scene changes, then send the images to the cloud for processing, using AI to determine the content of the images , and take appropriate action. Image data is transmitted to the cloud through a gateway using RSL10 SIP Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity. The low-power nature of the components used in the platform means that it can operate for extended periods of time from a single main or auxiliary battery. Designers can configure triggers using a companion app, also via Bluetooth Low Energy.

OFweek also found a sensor board with multiple sensors fused together at the booth – the RSL solar cell multi-sensor platform. The product requires no batteries and offers the industry’s lowest power Bluetooth technology powered by the RSL10 SIP. According to Yang Xuefang, this product is particularly important for mine workers and other occupations. On the one hand, the low power consumption of the product can bring the battery life of the airport, and the second is that the product can be integrated on devices such as wristbands to help detect mines. The environmental factors such as gas pressure and gas density in the environment where the workers are located will not only alert the miners under adverse environmental conditions, but also transmit them to the terminal equipment outside the well through Bluetooth technology, so as to complete timely rescue and other operations.

Asset management, solve the problems of traditional solutions

“When customers use traditional asset management solutions, the biggest problem is labor costs. Then, due to the different protocols adopted by each company, the management equipment cannot be unified, which is very inconvenient when upgrading.” Yang Xuefang said that ON Semiconductor Function BLE Beacon is a platform that facilitates unified management and is a low-cost gateway. It not only has small battery size and light weight, but also meets the requirements of Industry 4.0. This product has ultra-low power consumption, is powered by a button battery, and can be modularly configured with some sensors, and it is a node-to-cloud solution and uses a digital signature verification mechanism to ensure data security, mainly for beacon broadcasting Information push, asset tracking, cold chain transportation management and epidemic location tracking, etc.

In addition, RSL10 ultra-low power asset tracking tag and RF/near field communication EEPROM are also the latest products launched by ON Semiconductor in the asset management exhibition area. The RSL10 asset tag offers a full suite of development tools, including support for multi-protocol wireless with Bluetooth low energy connectivity and Quuppa Intelligent Locating System real-time location services (RTLS); while the RF/NFC EEPROM features a multi-bit 32-bit password and locking capabilities , used in smart meters (water, gas, electricity, etc.), electric drill tool programming, LED driver programming, cold chain and other fields.

Yang Xuefang focused on the scene of the successful implementation of two asset management solutions of ON Semiconductor. The first one is for construction site safety helmets. Safety helmets are a must-have item for construction site workers. As long as you enter the Electronic access control area of ​​the construction site, the function of positioning and punching cards can be realized. , and workers do not have to wear badges for this purpose. Secondly, if the system monitoring finds that the worker stays in a certain place for too long or exceeds a certain time, it will think that the worker may be in a certain danger, and will immediately call the police to let the terminal person check it. At the same time, a buzzer can be installed on the helmet. , so that people around you can find it. Similarly, similar scenarios can also occur in nursing homes. When monitoring the occurrence of falls of the elderly, the management of the nursing home can immediately obtain the accident and real-time location of the elderly, and deal with emergencies in a timely manner.

On August 5 this year, ON Semiconductor officially changed its name to ON Semiconductor and proposed a new slogan “Intelligent Technology, Bright Future”. Combining with the innovative achievements exhibited by ON Semiconductor at this exhibition, ON Semiconductor not only insists on technical improvement, but also pays more attention to green environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, and pays more attention to the “people-oriented” product design and research and development direction. As the introduction written on ON Semiconductor’s official website: “Although we have a new image, one thing has not changed, that is, we are committed to helping our customers build a better and greener with smart power and sensing technology. , a more sustainable future.”

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