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On the construction of new infrastructure, JD Zhilian Cloud opened the prelude to the new industrial revolution

As early as 2017, Tata Consulting, a subsidiary of the Indian giant Tata Group, released a report. The core point is a famous saying: There are only two kinds of companies in the future, those with artificial intelligence and those that do not make money.

If it weren’t for this epidemic, the wave of industrial intelligence would not be so fierce.

For more companies, although AI sounds very good, the introduction of intelligent technology also means a direct impact and reconstruction of the existing model. If there is no clear climbing path, but rampage in the technology jungle, it is likely to fall into In the dilemma of “waiting to die or courting death”.

In the digitization process of new infrastructure, every touchable “cloud” carries the rain of AI, but which one can bring down the rain that is most suitable for the industrial soil under one’s feet, I am afraid that digital transformation has entered a more macro “new” From the perspective of “infrastructure”, it is an unavoidable problem.

To give the simplest example, a convenience store brand wants a major AI transformation, which means a comprehensive transformation from goods, accounts, people, and stores. If you were the owner of this store, what key questions would you think about before the olive branch handed out by the cloud manufacturer?

The AI+ cloud of spring thunder can’t be just a passing cloud and rain

Suppose you have a chain of convenience stores, what questions will you have when the people of the cloud computing manufacturer are painting the AI ​​blueprint to you?

For example, after returning to work, the business is not good, and if you spend more money on AI, the profit will be thinner;

For another example, there are many salesmen who come to me, and I understand the reasoning, but I can’t understand the technical documents at all…

Unclear ROI, inefficient deployment, and scattered technical solutions are all real problems that AI often faces when it is deployed from the cloud to the industry.

In particular, the government-enterprise intelligent service market has a complex technical system and widely related needs. Each cloud service provider fights its own way. The lack of a unified technical scale and deployment path. A more active position drives into industrial intelligence.

Therefore, the “new infrastructure” is not just a “quick-acting heart-saving pill” injected for the resumption of work and production. Its “new” is more reflected in the development logic, value model, energy release cycle, etc. On the basis of the technical system, with the help of digitization and intelligence, it will activate the new growth of productivity in thousands of industries. This requires that the new infrastructure also needs to rely on a relatively large-scale service platform with rich business ecology to complete the long-term and comprehensive adaptation of technology.

Along this line of thought, we will find that among many industrial channels, has just launched the “ New Kinetic Energy Plan” to help the digital transformation of government and enterprises. answer sheet.

The first is the overall solution. For non-cloud-native government and enterprise organizations, it is not a good idea to directly purchase APIs when tasting AI. The cobbled together technical solutions are either too expensive or lack of interoperability, which cannot maximize the effectiveness of the technology. Therefore, the collaborative solutions built by JD Zhilian Cloud based on the technical system and vertical industry needs are more in line with the efficiency orientation of the digital transformation of government and enterprises.

The second is industrialization experience. As mentioned above, industrial intelligence is a alpine jungle with complex terrain and precipitous scenery. The safe way to climb is naturally to extend along the safe path that the pioneers have explored. This requires the foundation provided by cloud manufacturers. Facilities have undergone a lot of tempering before they are released to government and enterprises. Especially for government and enterprise services, it is often necessary to help customers establish personalized and customized technical processes, so that the technology matrix can conform to their unique management habits and business rules, which requires service providers to have the ability to penetrate vertical scenarios and provide strong center support.

As Dr. Zhou Bowen, Chairman of the Technical Committee of JD Group, President of JD Zhilian Cloud, and IEEE Fellow, said that JD has established industrial parks in dozens of cities across the country. Through these contacts throughout the country and relying on its own retail and logistics platforms, JD can not only Direct access and in-depth understanding of the actual needs of government and enterprises, and can gain insight into and connect both ends of the consumer Internet and the industrial Internet. This is a natural advantage that understands better and can better help government and enterprises. is not only a provider of digital transformation infrastructure, but also hopes to become a partner and peer in the digital transformation of government and enterprises.

The last is the whole process scene. Since the digitalization advocated by the new infrastructure is an era project, it is natural to deploy the entire industrial format from a macro and long-term perspective. This must have a solution that can empower the whole process and can adapt from front-end scenarios to mid-end scenarios. Business support and back-end technological transformation should be fully laid in an integrated way, rather than allowing industry players to “walk the maze”.

In general, how to make intelligent technology through the carrier of the cloud become the main theme of the growth of most industrial formats in Chinese society in the next period of time, which may continue to stimulate our thinking and imagination.

Building a “New Infrastructure”: The “Industrial Revolution” of JD Zhilian Cloud

So, specifically at the landing level, how does JD Zhilian Cloud transform the “foundation” of “new infrastructure” from strategy to industrial action?

On the one hand, the smart supply chain infrastructure and technical products accumulated by over the years are selected, covering the whole scene, high enterprise reuse rate, and six major technical capability components with good technical application value feedback – NeuFoundry intelligent middle platform, intelligent interaction RPA, Jingdong Zhilian Cloud Conference, collaborative office platform, Jingdong Proprietary Cloud and Jingcai Cloud form the technical bottom layer of the “New Kinetic Energy Plan”. In particular, the reserve and integration of multi-technological variables such as AI, IoT, 5G, and blockchain has become a key match point for prying open the market.

At the same time, the three customized service solutions – intelligent collaborative management solution, intelligent middle office solution, and intelligent procurement solution, allow various technologies to open up the “air wall” between them and specific business processes through JD Zhilian Cloud.

Especially for some enterprises with problems such as high complexity of the industrial chain and relatively difficult transformation, with the help of “’s new kinetic energy plan” solutions with strong landing attributes, customized upgrades are carried out by going deep into the details of business processes. It can not only lower the threshold for enterprises to apply AI, but also shorten the technology deployment and effective period.

“’s New Kinetic Energy Plan” brings together’s superior technical capabilities and mature technology application products to create an infrastructure that is in line with the digital transformation of enterprises. The first three solutions to be launched are jointly undertaken by’s enterprise business, the service front of enterprise customers, and’s Zhilian Cloud, which carries the core channel of’s external technical services.

Intelligent collaborative management solutions like the “ New Kinetic Energy Plan” have passed the long-term test of’s 260,000 employees. During the epidemic, through cloud conferences, document collaboration, mobile mailboxes, mobile network disks, employee information reporting, workplace Electronic passes , online ordering, Jingying learning platform, Jingdong dynamic, flexible attendance and other products have realized the orderly management of large-scale organizations. It is the continuous optimization and polishing within the organization that enables the intelligent collaborative management solution to better understand the remote office pain points and informatization deployment needs of the government and enterprises, so as to give full play to the technical mission of improving internal management efficiency.

In addition, its core advantages in intelligent supply chain enable JD Zhilian Cloud to cover supply chain scenarios of the whole chain, and also create value for customers in retail, finance, logistics, health, insurance, logistics real estate, overseas markets and other business fields established the premise. To put it simply, the intelligent supply chain is like a chain of iron chains, connecting the core scenarios required for the digital transformation of government and enterprises, and refreshing everything from the underlying resources to the upper-level applications with intelligent technology.

For example, the intelligent mid-stage solution launched by the “ New Kinetic Energy Plan” uses full-stack products such as’s proprietary cloud and hybrid cloud, NeuFoundry, and intelligent interactive RPA to create customized AI for government and enterprises that is more suitable for their own needs. With the help of the closed loop of analysis, design, development, testing, production, distribution, sales and other full life cycle services, we will accelerate the promotion of industrial transformation and upgrading, and follow the growth trend of the digital economy.

The intelligent procurement solution, through building a digital platform and integrating resource modules such as commodities, finance, logistics, service, quality control, etc., realizes pre-purchase demand management, sourcing bidding, supplier management, and self-service and digitalization in procurement. One-stop management of shopping mall operation, post-purchase contract performance coordination, and financial settlement, and through intelligent procurement analysis to help enterprises automatically match procurement needs with procurement plans, creating an efficient, transparent, and compliant supply chain management model.

Cloud and AI, like the DNA double helix of enterprise digitalization, are coupled together and penetrate into the bottom layer of the industry through JD Zhilian Cloud.

Then, through the “ New Kinetic Energy Plan” to help the government and enterprises accelerate the layout in the “new infrastructure” category, and based on new technologies, the management model, business model, operating system, etc. will be reconstructed, and finally digital, networked, and intelligent. transformation and upgrading.

We always believe that “new infrastructure” is to build a new digital infrastructure for the future, but in a sense, the “infrastructure” of the service platform itself more or less determines the “base” of the “new infrastructure”. It is solid and deep enough to carry the development ambitions of more than one billion people.

On the top of Jianhua Mountain: JD Zhilian Cloud in search of “new infrastructure”

It can be seen from the measures of “’s New Kinetic Energy Plan” that if the cloud market used to be a top-down river network with more emphasis on breadth and coverage, then today’s cloud market is more like Huashan Qunfeng. Not only are the mountains long and densely populated with industries, but there are dangerous peaks everywhere, and people can hear people across the mountains. Walking into the mountains, JD Zhilian Cloud is like a knight who has returned from his studies, carrying the ideal of standing on the top of the mountains.

Has superb swordsmanship. We have noticed that’s “ABCDE” technology strategy combines AI, IoT, cloud, and big data to form an organism with stronger capabilities, vitality, and competitiveness, serving the digital transformation of governments, enterprises, and society. If there is no comprehensive and rich technical service capabilities, and targeted arrangement and combination according to application scenarios, the dream of industrial digitalization entering the fast lane of “new infrastructure” is obviously difficult to establish.

There is also creeping stoicism. In the context of discussing “new infrastructure”, we often hear Internet celebrity terms such as cloud services, AI, 5G, etc., but the development cycle of these fields and related companies is obviously not an accident. The reason why is like this The platform can become the representative institution of “new infrastructure” and exert the pedestal effect of industrial digitalization, which is directly related to the technical thinking that it has long recognized as practical, practical and empowering enterprises.

“New infrastructure” is just a key to open the door to treasure. What kind of rich mines can be excavated from different platforms depends on their own strategic vision and capabilities.

I still remember that there was a huge excavator on the west peak of Mount Huashan. In the years when the roads were different, it was disassembled into pieces by engineers and transported to the top of the mountain for reassembly. At present, it seems that JD Zhilian Cloud integrates cutting-edge technologies into its own industrial advantages, builds a platform with strong ecology and links the previous and the next, and helps enterprises of different scales and industries to participate in the construction of new infrastructure, and complete this era together. project.

There is reason to believe that every step of’s industrial exploration will have a long-term and profound impact on the digital transformation of government and enterprises, which will be engraved in the memory of the times.

To be honest, the slogan-style slogan will be visually fatigued after reading it a few times. When we think of “new infrastructure”, we no longer simply think about what is good about it, but subconsciously associate it with government affairs, manufacturing, life services, shopping. When everything that is closely related to life is connected, it may be the beginning of countless industries touching and trusting intelligent technology.

The unique JD Zhilian Cloud meets the expectations of ordinary people in thousands of industries for intelligence. Like the recent rain in Beijing, it may nurture a happy harvest season in the rolling thunder.

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