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OPPO new action in the field of travel!Launched full-link smart mobility solution

Ten million RMB Pre-A round of financing

The domestic autonomous driving company Leading Technology announced that it has completed a pre-A round of financing of tens of millions of yuan in September this year. This round of financing is invested by Horizon Strategic, with the participation of Zhenxin Capital, economist Deng Haiqing and the core team of Leading Technology Investment, this is the second round of financing completed by Leading Technology within half a year. On April 7, it has just received a strategic round of financing from Ganzhou Financial Holding Group and Ganzhou Economic Development Zone Industrial Development Group.

Dr. Yang Wenli, CEO of Leading Technology, said that the funds are mainly used to accelerate the commercialization process of autonomous driving buses and autonomous driving feeder logistics for urban services and the large-scale expansion of technical teams.

OPPO new action in the field of travel!

Launched full-link smart mobility solution

On October 27th, Wu Henggang, President of OPPO Software Engineering Division, announced at the OPPO Developers Conference that OPPO has officially launched the OPPO Carlink solution, opening up the capabilities of car-machine interoperability. OPPO predicts that 15 million+ vehicles will land in 2022.

It is reported that this is a set of system travel solutions from hardware to software, from technical capabilities to service applications, from two-wheeled electric vehicles to four-wheeled vehicles, across all scenarios, such as digital car keys, watch-controlled cars, and flash charging. Car, car machine projection screen, car butler and other functions.

At the same time, OPPO opens up the ability of vehicle-machine integration to partners, and establishes a platform for mutual assistance and cooperation with industry partners such as hardware solutions, application developers, and OEM OEMs. At present, OPPO Zhixing has more than 70 cooperative manufacturers, covering auto manufacturers, two-wheel electric vehicle manufacturers, Tier1 manufacturers, and travel service providers. At the same time, OPPO will also jointly launch a smart car alliance open alliance with industry partners.

Infineon joins hands with TTTech Auto to create a safe architecture for autonomous driving

According to foreign media reports, TTTech Auto, an autonomous driving software and hardware platform developer, has cooperated with Infineon Technologies to develop key components for the L3 and L4 highly automated driving safe operation Electronic architecture. This component is aimed at car and technology manufacturers, making it possible to safely process radar or lidar camera sensor data. This safe operation architecture concept and its key components ensure that highway autonomous driving functions, valet parking and autonomous trucks can still operate safely when individual functions fail.

GAC Ian and Baidu jointly released

Apollo Moon AION LX front-loaded mass-produced unmanned vehicle

On October 26, GAC Aion and Baidu officially released the AION LX front-loaded mass-produced unmanned vehicle based on the technology research and development of both parties. Apollo Moon AION LX is a joint development of GAC Aion’s leading self-driving vehicle platform and vehicle design and manufacturing capabilities and Baidu’s Apollo’s self-driving software and hardware technology R&D advantages. It adopts the “ANP-Robotaxi” architecture and can achieve L4 The symbiosis and sharing of level Robotaxi autonomous driving data and L2+ level assisted driving data, technical dimensionality reduction, data feedback, creating a super data closed loop, can meet the needs of Robotaxi’s unmanned operation.

Apollo Moon AION LX is based on the independent closed-loop pilot assisted driving ANP, adding a custom laser radar and corresponding unmanned driving redundancy, which can realize fully unmanned driving and meet the needs of automatic driving in complex urban traffic scenarios. At the same time, through a comprehensive upgrade of software and hardware, the cost of Apollo Moon AION LX is reduced by half compared with the previous generation model, and the performance is increased by 10 times. The overall technical strength is fully ahead of the industry. On the vehicle platform, Apollo Moon AION LX adopts the GEP 2.0 exclusive pure electric platform developed by GAC Aeon at a cost of 3 billion yuan, which has better automatic driving software and hardware integration capabilities.

Lucid CEO declared

It will take 10 years for Robotaxi to be realized

Recently, according to foreign media reports, Lucid President Peter Rawlinson said that it may take at least 10 years for Robotaxi to become a reality. You know, as early as 2019, Tesla CEO Musk declared that by 2020, Tes Pull will run Robotaxi on the highway. But it is gratifying that Peter Rawlinson did not completely look down on Robotaxi, because he believes that many of the technologies that have been implemented today were considered impossible not long ago, so he said that it will not be like some people think. Maybe I won’t see it in my life.

Hon Hai’s 100 million yuan stake

Autonomous Driving Startup Autocool

Taiwan’s “Economic Daily News” reported on October 27 that Hon Hai’s subsidiary Futaihua Industrial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. announced on the 26th that it had acquired equity in Autoku Intelligent Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. with an investment of 100 million yuan. The shareholding ratio is 15.08%. Autocool is a software start-up company for autonomous driving technology. Hon Hai Group has obtained relevant software technology through participation in investment.

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