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Remote and accurate temperature measurement drones are becoming an important main force in effective prevention and control and the battle against the “epidemic”

In the Year of the Rat, the epidemic is raging, and the constant release of dangerous signals has made people all over the country highly nervous. In order to grasp and protect people’s health and safety in the first time, drones are now becoming an important main force in effective prevention and control and the battle against the “epidemic”.

The epidemic is fierce, and temperature measurement is difficult

I believe it is unnecessary to repeat the ferocity of the epidemic this year. Up to now, Alipay’s real-time tracking of the pneumonia epidemic has shown that there have been 59,838 confirmed cases nationwide, 16,067 suspected cases, and more than 1,300 deaths. It is still a critical period for the epidemic, and there is no room for failure to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.

According to the mode and channel of the spread of the new coronavirus, the effective means of epidemic prevention and control is to reduce personnel contact and keep clean at all times. At the same time, timely detection of patients or suspected patients through body temperature monitoring, and the first time to send them to hospital for isolation is also an important measure to ensure the safety of personnel and promote the weakening of the epidemic.


However, in order to achieve real-time and accurate temperature measurement of everyone, a lot of manpower expenditure and personnel contact are inevitable, which is not only a test of the government’s ability to bear, but also has serious hidden dangers for temperature measurement personnel. In addition, manual temperature measurement cannot guarantee timeliness, comprehensiveness and accuracy.

As far as I know, some high-speed intersections in Hangzhou use manual temperature measurement. In the face of the huge flow of people, the traffic police not only have no rest time, but also maintain the normal operation of the thermometer by using a hot water bottle to keep warm, which can be described as very laborious and inefficient. In some rural areas, grassroots cadres can only go door-to-door to face-to-face temperature measurement, which is also full of security risks.

In this context, on the one hand, due to the limited human and financial resources of the government, on the other hand, due to the dangers and disadvantages of manual temperature measurement, temperature measurement during the epidemic has become a major problem.

With drones, it is easy to resolve

So, is there any way to solve this problem? Let alone, there is! That is to use drones for remote temperature measurement.

We have seen many uses of drones, such as land surveying and mapping, agricultural and forestry plant protection, operation and maintenance inspections, fire rescue, logistics and transportation, etc. What about remote temperature measurement? How to do it? Actually , as long as a thermal imaging sensor is mounted on the drone, the drone can easily complete the remote temperature measurement operation!

According to authoritative media reports, office workers in Shiqiao Street, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou, have recently begun to use drones to measure temperature in point and area. They use drones equipped with thermal imaging technology to monitor the entire area. The staff can see the thermal image of the human body in the area on the computer, so as to find people with abnormal body temperature and prevent and control them in time.

At the same time, according to Xinhua News Agency, at the end of January, community officials in Yichun City, Jiangxi Province also used drones to achieve “home temperature measurement”. The office staff in this area entered the residents’ homes through drone calls, and also achieved accurate temperature measurement of the human body through thermal imaging technology. The temperature measurement was completed efficiently while avoiding the risk of contact and cross-infection between people.

With the help of thermal imaging technology, drones once again have a pair of “see-through eyes” in addition to their “sky eyes”. It can not only measure the body temperature of related areas or related personnel at a long distance, full coverage, and high accuracy, but also save the manpower and financial expenditure of the epidemic prevention department, and achieve efficient and safe prevention and control, which is of great value.

New uses, the future can be expected

Of course, the combined application of UAVs and thermal imaging technology is not just a solution to the temperature measurement problem during the epidemic. Conversely, this step forward also provides an important opportunity for the development of thermal imaging UAVs.

As a technology that appeared in the 19th century, thermal imaging is more common in the medical and production fields. In recent years, although it has chemical reactions with drones and has formed a certain combination of applications, the commercial popularity is far from enough. On the one hand, it may be related to the immaturity of the drone itself, and on the other hand, it is also related to the lack of opportunities to highlight the value of thermal imaging drones.

Based on this, this epidemic has given the thermal imaging drone an opportunity to introduce itself. In the future, the combination of “UAV + thermal imaging” will have a broader development and application space under the advantages of remote, efficient and accurate monitoring.

For example, the combination improves the inspection capability and can be used in routine inspections of petrochemical pipelines or power lines. By replacing manual inspections, the limitations of traditional inspections such as blind spots, poor angles, and limited ranges can be eliminated, and it can be used in areas with abnormally high and low temperatures. Timely and accurate problem discovery and insight, improve inspection, observation, collection and analysis capabilities.

In addition, the combination improves disaster relief capabilities and can also be used in tasks such as firefighting and rescue. The application of thermal imaging technology makes UAVs more powerful in quickly finding people and quickly locating sources, which makes them an important tool for post-disaster rescue and search, fire source identification and daily police searches.

All in all, this epidemic is just a grand debut of thermal imaging drones. What kind of performances will it bring in the future? We will look forward to it together!

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