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Renesas Electronics Expands Ultra-Low-Power Embedded Controller RE Product Family with New Products with World-Class Energy Efficiency Ratio

TOKYO, Japan, July 2, 2020 – Renesas Electronics Group (TSE: 6723), a leading global supplier of semiconductor solutions, today announced that it has expanded its ultra-low power embedded The unique SOTBTM (Silicon on Thin Buried Oxide thin oxide buried layer on silicon) process technology, new products based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+ core. The latest member of the RE01 group is equipped with 256KB flash memory, which is different from the existing products that have been mass-produced and integrated with 1.5MB flash memory. The new controller has a minimum 3.16mm x 2.88mm WLBGA package size and is optimized for product design of more compact IoT devices for sensor control, suitable for smart homes, smart buildings, environmental sensing, (buildings) / bridges) structural monitoring, trackers and wearables.

The new embedded controller achieved 705 points in the EEMBC® ULPMarkTM-CoreProfile (CP) certification, fully validating its leading energy efficiency (Note 1). With Renesas’ unique SOTB process technology, the operating and standby current consumption can be greatly reduced to achieve such a high score.

“We are very honored to receive the official certification for the ultra-low power consumption of the RE family products, and we hope to promote the RE product family to obtain the A wider range of applications, extending the battery life of embedded devices, and reducing the burden on battery maintenance for more customers.”

The current consumption of the new product can be as low as 25μA/MHz in the working state and as low as 400nA in the standby state, and its ultra-low power consumption is in the leading position in the world. Users can further reduce the operating current consumption to 12μA/MHz by using the Renesas ultra-low Iq ISL9123 as an external buck regulator.

RE has ultra-low power consumption, which can significantly extend the battery life of embedded devices. They are also suitable for real-time data processing applications that require multiple sensors to operate at high speeds even when powered by low current compact batteries or energy harvesting devices. RE MCUs currently on the market with 1.5MB of flash memory are suitable for applications that require large storage capacities, such as image data processing or over-the-air firmware updates. The new RE01 product group is ideal for compact devices and IoT devices for sensor control.

Key features of the new RE01 product group R7F0E01182xxx:

Ÿ Arm Cortex®-M0+ core, maximum operating frequency 64MHz

Ÿ 256KB Flash and 128KB SRAM

Ÿ Operating current: 25µA/MHz (when using on-chip LDO), 12µA/MHz (when using external DC/DC converter)

Ÿ Software standby current consumption: 400nA

Ÿ Operating voltage range: 1.62V ~ 3.6V; starting from 1.62V, up to 64MHz high-speed operation

Ÿ Package size: about 3mm x 3mm 72-pin WLBGA, 7mm x 7mm 56-pin QFN, 14mm x 14mm 100-pin and 10mm x 10mm 64-pin LQFP

Ÿ On-chip energy harvesting control circuit (fast start capacitor charging, secondary battery charging protection function)

Ÿ About 4µA ultra-low power consumption and 14-bit A/D converter

Ÿ Support flash programming, power consumption is about 0.6mA

Ÿ Use the powerful security features of the TSIP core

Ÿ In deep standby mode, the real-time clock can continue to work, and the current consumption is 380nA when powered by 1.8V.

RE product family development environment

The EK-RE01 256KB evaluation kit can be used in conjunction with the user system to evaluate all peripheral functions including energy harvesting systems. The evaluation board in this kit includes the ISL9123 ultra-low Iq DC/DC converter capable of measuring very low operating currents of 12µA/MHz. In addition to the energy harvesting element interface and secondary battery connection interface required for the energy harvesting system, the evaluation board is equipped with an Arduino-compatible interface for easy expansion and evaluation of the sensor board, and a PmodTM connector for easy expansion and evaluation of wireless functions.

Compatible development tools include IAR Embedded Workbench® for Arm with support for the IAR C/C++ compiler and e2 studio with support for the GNU compiler, both freely available. In addition, driver software is available that supports the Arm Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS), as well as low-level example code for low-power applications that cannot afford the power loss caused by the driver software running.

Renesas Electronics is committed to expanding the lineup of RE product families based on the SOTB process, supporting the development of low-power systems, and promoting the realization of an environmentally friendly smart society.


Samples of the new RE01 embedded controller are available now, with mass production scheduled to begin in late July 2020. Reference pricing for the R7F0E01082CFM in an LQFP package starts at $3.33 per piece in 10,000-piece quantities. The EK-RE01 256KB evaluation kit is scheduled to be released in late August 2020.

(Note 1) The Embedded Microprocessor Benchmarking Consortium (EEMBC) is a non-profit industry organization dedicated to promoting standardized test benchmarks. Its certified benchmark scores are widely regarded as indispensable data for an unbiased evaluation of products from multiple manufacturers.

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