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Renesas Electronics Introduces Sensor Signal Conditioning Chip with Integrated LIN Output Interface for Electric/Hybrid Vehicle HVAC Systems

TOKYO, Japan, July 9, 2020 – Renesas Electronics Group (TSE: 6723), a leading global supplier of semiconductor solutions, today announced an automotive-qualified automotive pressure sensor solution with an integrated LIN v2.2a interface – ZSSC4132. This single-package Sensor Signal Conditioning Chip (SSC) offers excellent performance, high design flexibility and cost-effectiveness in a compact form factor for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), battery electric vehicles (BEV) and fuel cells Applications such as HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) in electric vehicle (FCEV) environmental control systems.

The ZSSC4132 can be configured for almost any resistive bridge sensor. This flexibility, combined with its leading performance, integrated LIN physical interface, small footprint, and AEC-Q100 Grade 0 certification, makes it ideal for space-constrained, budget-constrained and off-the-wire (EOL) calibrations The required small size vehicle sensor module.

“HVAC is very important to electric vehicle (EV) battery systems, and OEMs are looking for ways to improve system efficiency while maintaining high performance and keeping costs under control,” said Christian Wolf, vice president of Renesas Electronics’ Automotive Sensors Business Unit. “With the ZSSC4132, customers can Having a complete SSC solution certified by LIN allows them to easily and cost-effectively optimize HVAC system development in mid- to high-end EVs and HEVs.”

Key features of ZSSC4132:

The ZSSC4132 incorporates advanced Analog Front End (AFE) technology for enhanced sensor signal conditioning and digital calibration to significantly reduce noise sensitivity and provide high accuracy pressure and temperature readings. The high level of integration of the SSC minimizes the need for external components, thereby reducing overall bill of materials (BOM) requirements. In addition, the ZSSC4132’s unique digital calibration feature helps users minimize calibration efforts, further reducing overall system cost.

Other features include:

LIN v2.2a certified and compatible with LIN v1.3, v2.0 and v2.1

Differential bridge sensor input for ±0.5% full-scale output accuracy over -40°C to 150°C temperature range

12 to 14 bit ADC resolution

Slave location detection on the LIN bus, allowing the SSC to assign a unique ID to the device

Overvoltage and Reverse Polarity Protection Circuits

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Various diagnostic functions


The ZSSC4132 is available now in a 4mm x 4mm, 24-pin QFN package, priced at $1.38 each in 10,000-unit quantities. The ZSSC4132 evaluation kit is also available, starting at $185.

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