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Rockchip RV1126 4K AI Camera Solution Helps Smart Screen Product Upgrade

With the rapid popularization of online education and telecommuting, smart screen products are gradually replacing traditional TVs and appearing in home and office scenarios to meet users’ more intelligent needs in social interaction, learning, and meetings. The progress of the application is not only reflected in the “use”, but also in the details of “how to use it well”. The RV1126 AI camera solution launched by Rockchip truly realizes the upgrade of smart screen products from four aspects: high-definition codec, image quality processing algorithm, high-performance NPU and audio algorithm, making the large screen more “reading” and “listening”. need.

1. Support 4K video encoding and decoding, high-definition does not freeze

The traditional remote meeting experience is poor, and there are often embarrassing video freezes, unclear sound quality, and not knowing who the current speaker is. Rockchip RV1126 camera solution 4K codec, Smart H. 265 encoding and the technical advantages of its own ePTZ Electronic PTZ, which can effectively solve this pain point.

RV1126 can support 14-megapixel high-definition camera, and also supports 4K video codec to ensure high-definition video calls and smooth conference exchanges. At the same time, RV1126 supports Smart H. 265 encoding algorithm, which can effectively reduce the network load of the call in the case of multi-person video calls, the video is smooth and not stuck, and the meeting is more efficient.

(Photo provided by the company, the same below)

In order to better realize the presence of remote conferences, the RV1126 has its own ePTZ electronic PTZ, which can track speakers at any time, making multi-person video conferences more convenient.

2. Support 3-frame HDR and wide-angle correction algorithm, clear and undistorted

RV1126 has mature ISP image quality processing technology and adopts 3-frame HDR algorithm, which can realize millisecond-level self-adaptation. In scenes such as backlight, dim, and blur, the captured picture is clearer, and the requirements for video lighting environment are reduced, which is suitable for different scenes. s meeting.

In addition, the RV1126 supports the ultra-wide-angle fisheye correction algorithm to achieve real-time panoramic capture, bringing a wider shooting range, and surrounding characters will not be stretched and deformed, providing a better visual experience for large-scale meetings.

3. Built-in independent 2T computing power NPU, AI application is more extensive

RV1126 has a built-in independent NPU, which provides 2T computing power, which can realize diversified AI applications and make the operation more convenient. It is the first to support the air canvas function. Writing specific keywords in the air can trigger the corresponding large-screen function; it supports gesture recognition, and can perform common functions such as speed/volume adjustment, pause, mute, call, and take pictures; support face recognition to realize face check-in , entertainment and children’s mode conversion, etc.; support posture/skeletal recognition, one screen and two pictures, and real-time exercise guidance for fitness.

4. Support intelligent voice control without outsourcing audio algorithm

RV1126 supports multiple microphones and comes with audio 3A algorithm: automatic echo cancellation (AEC) technology, automatic noise cancellation (ANS) technology and automatic gain control (AGC) technology to achieve high-fidelity voice transmission, voice control is more sensitive, and calls are clear and natural .

Smart big screen has become the smart center entrance for home and office. Rockchip RV1126 camera solution will further expand the application scenarios of smart screen and promote smart interconnection through performance improvement and AI technology empowerment. Upgrade again.