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Samsung Exynos 980 5G chip officially unveiled, integrated dual-mode 5G co-created with vivo

November 7, 2019 News Since the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued 5G licenses to operators, operators and smart terminal product manufacturers have accelerated the pace of 5G popularization and construction, and have successively released a variety of 5G mobile phones to the market. However, due to technical reasons, most 5G mobile phones other than Huawei only support the NSA networking method, and also use the external X50 demodulator baseband. Today, after the Kirin 990 5G flagship chip, vivo and Samsung officially launched another 5G chip, the Samsung Exynos 980, which is also an integrated dual-mode 5G networking chip.

Vivo said that this integrated chip contains more than 400 functions and features accumulated by vivo, and the hardware level jointly solved nearly 100 technical problems. It invested more than 500 professional engineers before and after, and the joint research and development time was nearly ten months. According to Samsung, the Samsung Exynos 980 processor supports both NSA and SA dual-mode 5G networking, and at the same time completes the same integrated technical operations as the Kirin 990 processor, saving more space and reducing power consumption than the previous plug-in processors.

According to the official introduction, Samsung Exynos 980 adopts 8nm process technology, integrates 2*2.2GHz A77 large core and four 1.8GHz A55 small cores, which improves the same frequency performance by 20% compared with A76 core. The GPU architecture is Mail-G76 MP5, which supports dual model 5G, support high-performance ISP that can process up to 180 million pixels, support Wi-Fi 6 wireless connection technology and Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Interestingly, this A77 architecture 5G chip will be officially commercialized on vivo X30 series 5G mobile phones in December this year.

We know that Qualcomm announced today that it will hold the Qualcomm Snapdragon Technology Summit in Hawaii on December 3. No accident, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor will be unveiled, but it is reported that the official commercial time will wait until March next year. In our opinion, the joint Exynos 980 5G chip of vivo and Samsung is more like a transition product between Qualcomm chips. Of course, there are the common technical accumulation of vivo and Samsung and the scientific research results of 5G mobile phone chips.

For Samsung, Xiaomi jointly develops camera components, vivo jointly develops processor chips, and its own excellent Display performance allows it to expand its business globally. In general, it is beneficial to the development of the 5G mobile phone industry, but how many manufacturers will open up applications in the future depends on the specific chip performance.